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How to Tuck Turkey Wings {Help Guide}

As a matter of fact, Turkey wings are one of the most flavorful parts of the bird, and they can be tough to cook evenly. Tuck the wings underneath the turkey helps to protect them from drying out and keeps the meat moister. It also makes the turkey look more presentable when it’s done cooking.

Here’s How to Tuck the Wings on your Turkey:

1) First of all, all you need to do is using paper towels to dry the turkey. This will facilitate the skin crisping up when cooking.

2) Then, you’ll want to place the turkey breast on a cutting board.

3) Locate the two wing joints. These are where the wing bones connect to the turkey’s body.

4) From next, using a sharp knife make an incision in the skin at each wing joint.

5) Insert your fingers into the slits and carefully pull the wings away from the turkey’s body.

6) Position the turkey’s wingtips so that they are facing downward.

7) Put the turkey in the oven or another baking dish.

8) Finally, you can Roast the turkey as per your recipe.

When the turkey is done cooking, the wings will be nicely tucked underneath, and the meat will be moist and flavorful.

The Best Way to Tuck Turkey Wings

There are many different ways to tuck turkey wings. The most important thing is to ensure that the wings are tucked securely, so they do not come undone during cooking.

Here are a few different ways to tuck turkey wings:

1) Tie the wings with butcher’s twine: This is a simple and effective way to tuck turkey wings. First, tie the wings together at the joint with the butcher’s twine. After that, fold the turkey’s wings under its body.

2) Fold the wings: Another way to tuck turkey wings is to fold them. First, fold the wing at the joint so that the wing is perpendicular to the body. Next, tuck the turkey’s wing under its body.

3) Use toothpicks instead of butcher’s thread to tuck the turkey wings if you don’t have any. First, place a toothpick in the wing joint. Next, tuck the turkey’s wing under its body.

No matter which method you use, tucking turkey wings is an essential step in preparing a delicious holiday meal.

The Benefits You Didn’t Know About…

The most important & unique aspect of any holiday meal is the turkey. The meal’s centerpiece is a bird that can be prepared in various ways. The most popular method is to tuck the wings under the turkey before cooking. This straightforward procedure can significantly affect the dish’s outcome.

Here are five benefits of tucking the wings under the turkey:

This helps the turkey cook more evenly

When the wings are tucked under the turkey, they act as a barrier. This prevents the heat from getting to the breast meat, which is the part of the turkey most likely to dry out. By keeping the heat away from the breast, you can ensure that the whole turkey will be cooked evenly.

It keeps the turkey from drying out

As we mentioned, one of the biggest dangers of cooking a turkey is that the breast meat will dry out. Tucking the wings under the turkey can help keep the heat away from the breast and prevent the meat from drying out.

It aids in the turkey’s moisture retention

Another significant danger of cooking a turkey is that it can lose much of its moisture. This is especially true if you cook the turkey at a high temperature. When you tuck the wings under the turkey, you create a barrier that helps to keep the moisture in.

It prevents the turkey from burning

The turkey’s skin is another area susceptible to drying out and burning. When you tuck the wings under the turkey, you help keep the skin from coming into contact with the oven’s direct heat. This can lessen the risk of skin burning.

It facilitates turkey carving

Carving a turkey can be tricky, especially if the breast meat is dry. When you tuck the wings under the turkey, you make it easier to carve the breast meat without shredding it. This can make for a more attractive final product.


A quick and easy technique to give your amazing dish more flavor is to tuck the wings. According to these tips, you can ensure that your turkey cooks properly and stays moist and tasty.

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