How To Treat Smelly Discharge After Abortion?

How To Treat Smelly Discharge After Abortion

Abortions happen in certain cases but it takes time to heal after an abortion. Women need both mental and physical support during the healing process. Her body undergoes several changes and has discharge bleeding and all are some common symptoms. Some women face smelly discharge after their abortion. It is not normal but getting rid of this is very important. Here is the guide for how to treat smelly discharge after abortion. There are some specific things that you can try to get rid of these conditions.

Most of the time poor hygiene conditions lead to this smelly discharge. And it’s very uncomfortable for a patient. Make sure that you try all these methods that are given here to treat this condition at home.

Reasons For Having A Smelly Discharge

There are several reasons for having a smelly vaginal discharge. This discharge is known as post-vaginal discharge. And it happens to everyone. But having a foul smell in it happens to only some patients.

Here are the common causes of having smelly discharge after abortion.

  1. Poor hygiene conditions are the reason for this. If the patient does not care about cleaning the vaginal area with proper antibiotic solutions and maintaining the PH then this can happen.
  2. Another reason for this is hormonal changes that occur in the body after the abortions.
  3. The foul smell in the discharge also indicates infection in the vaginal area. Having an infection after an abortion is common.
  4. If there are still some tissues left of the foetus then the patient will have continuous smelly discharge until it will clean again.

So these are some of the common reasons for smelly discharge after the abortion.

Tips To Treat Smelly Discharge After the Abortion

Here are some tips at you can use to treat your smelly discharge. If the condition persists even after trying all these methods you should see a gynaecologist. Because then you might need medications and all to treat your infections.

#1. Use Antibiotic Solution

There are plenty of antibiotic solutions available in the market. Use this solution and dilute it in a big tub. Make sure to use only 10-15ml of solution and add to the tub of water. Now ask the patient to sit in that tub. Do this at least thrice in a day.

#2. Drink Plenty Of Water

Sometimes the smelly discharge occurs due to dehydration. So make sure that you drink enough water in a day. And if you are not able to drink water then try to take most of your food in the liquid. Add juices and all to your food. 

#3. Use Panty Liners

These pantyliners help in soaking the discharge. When the distance soaks it does not leave much odour. So to prevent the odour you can use these panty liners. You have to use those until you’re having the discharge. Once the amount of discharge is reduced you can also stop using these. 

#4. Maintain Hygiene

You have to practice a good hygiene routine. Stop using any scented soaps as they can cause irritation and hence cause infection. Use mild soaps to clean that area. Never use a pH balancer because they can also cause severe infection and itching. Which in turn increases the discharge.


In conclusion, here is how to treat smelly discharge after abortion. Here are all the tips that you can use to treat this condition. It is always a good choice to seek help from a medical professional. If this condition persists then it a lead to severe infections. This guide will help you to know more about this topic.

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