How To Transfer Money From DasherDirect?

How To Transfer Money From DasherDirect

DasherDirect is a US-based prepaid debit card that is powered by Pay fare allowing users to transfer money from DasherDirect.

DasherDirect works through its app, one can easily download it from mobile easily. We are going to define how to transfer money from Dasher Direct to a Bank account easily. Also all of the required details regarding accessing the Dasher Direct app from your Android or, Apple phone.

What is DasherDirect?

It is also like a bank account that works in the US and one can easily link other accounts to it. You can move your money between your different accounts. It provides a debit card that is prepaid. You will always get 2% cash back when you get gas.

This card does not require any deposit fees. One can able to order online food using this card. Also, order and save money on groceries, and more items while making payments through it.

How To Get DasherDirect Card?

When your DasherDirect account is approved, your virtual card is ready to access your mobile app safely. But Dasher Direct is only available for US Dashers. To get all access you have to fill in all of the required details properly.

Like shipping address registered in your Dasher Direct app, legal full name, driving license, home address, and also your SSN(social security number) to avail fast service.

How To Transfer Money From DasherDirect App?

  1. When you open the DasherDirect app on your mobile phone, simply click on “More” in the bottom right corner.
  2. Then click on “Move Money”, after that select “Send Money To Someone.”
  3. Then you can add your bank account showing on an open screen.
  4. Now click on “Add Recipient,” and put information regarding your routing number and bank account.
  5. After doing these steps, you will get a message that your funds are in the transfer process.
  6. One may get transferred funds within 1-2 business days.
  7. If you are transferring your money on a weekend or, holiday then you will get your money on the next business day.

Transfer Limitations Of Money From DashDirect

It has also certain limitations on the funds one may want to transfer. One can transfer up to $2000 per 24-hour duration. Also, you will be able to maximum of three money transfers. But you can transfer up to $ 5000 in a month.

Maximum up to 30 transfers, in a 30-day period to avail the money transfer from this app. This app is directly offered DoorDash account and all of the eligible Dashers can make access to it for free.

Limitations And Foreign Transaction Charges

The daily limitation of DasherDirect payout is $1000. If you cross the limit, you can get to your balance the next day. It means that you require to DasherDirect account to transfer money to your desired account to the limitation of $1000 per day.

If you will make a foreign transaction then it will charge 3% and also your DasherDirect account may charge up to $2.50 for up to 12 months of inactivity.

How DoorDash Earnings Added To Your DasherDirect?

This service also provides daily earnings and DoorDash earnings will be added to your DasherDirect account by itself. To get automatic deposits you must have to update your payment method to DasherDirect by using the “Earnings tab.”

These earnings generally come to your DasherDirect account the next morning.

End Note

You can easily use your DasherDirect prepaid card for online shopping, utility bills, and many more. It allows you to access quickly to your account without any charges. You may use its app as any other payment app.

You can also earn money if you are a DoorDash partner for online food delivery services. Overall, DasherDirect is an easy option to get paid instantly without paying any fees.

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