How To Tie Waist Beads {Help Guide}

How To Tie Waist Beads
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Are you wondering how to tie waist beads? If so, continue reading. Here is an easy tutorial for how to tie bead strings around your waist. You can secure it in many ways. these bead strings are in fashion these days.

To learn how to tie waist beads

This tutorial will teach you how to flawlessly tie your waist bead around your waist in just a few easy steps. Of course, the process of doing this is very simple and only requires a couple of steps in order to tie your waist beads without any issues. It will not take more than 1 to 2 minutes to do this. Waist beads are very trendy these days. You can wear these anywhere but most people wear these on beaches and all.

5 Steps to tie beads around the waist

Follow these steps to secure the beads band.

Step1: First of all, Take your desired waistband and measure it around your waist. Make sure that you mark the fitting.

Step2: Now, remove the excess beads of the band. You have to remove the beads because it comes with a full-length string.

Step3: Then, You can adjust the remaining beads and make sure that there is no space left between the beads in the string.

Step4: Now place the string around your waist and tie 3 to 4 knots. Make sure that the knots are not tight. Because then it will be a level mark.

Step5: Now cut the excess string carefully.

This is the only way to tie a bead string around the waist. There are other ways to make the knot stronger. But 4 knots will be enough to keep the string in place. I hope you have found this article helpful in understanding how to tie waist beads.

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