How To Tell If Someone Is In Facebook Jail {Complete Guide}

How To Tell If Someone Is In Facebook Jail {Complete Guide}

Here is how to tell if a person is in Facebook jail via account activity. Some obvious signs can tell you. Here are some tips to get your account back from the banning by Facebook and so read till the end to know more.

How To Tell If Someone Is In Facebook Jail Via Activities?

How To Tell If Someone Is In Facebook Jail Via Activities

The meaning of putting in Facebook jail is different than you think. It does not mean that the user went to the actual jail. Facebook terms are made to be followed by the users and if some users violate these terms and conditions then he and they have to go to Facebook jail.

By putting you in Facebook jail it means that Facebook has banned access to your account. So you can not post on your timeline and you can not access your account at all.

Some people are very confused about these things so here is everything that you need to know about how to tell if someone is in Facebook jail.

What Is Facebook Jail?

When a Facebook user violates any of the Facebook terms too many times. Then as a punishment, Facebook bans its account from any activities. It is used to create a healthy ser friendly environment on Facebook. You will not go to Facebook jail immediately. First Facebook will give you several warnings and if the activities persist then you have to face Facebook jail. This is not only for the user’s account, this rule is applied to the business pages as well.

And the business pages have more chance to violate these rules. Hence Facebook jail does a lot of damage to them. So Facebook jail is simply Facebook blocked from accessing your account.

Things That Can Lead You To Facebook Jail

Things That Can Lead You To Facebook Jail

Many things can lead you to Facebook jail. If you will avoid doing these things then you will never have to face Facebook jail. So make sure that you read very carefully this paragraph. Try to avoid this situation as much as possible with your account.

Post Very Frequently 

Facebook is a social media account. You can post whatever you want there. But if you will post very frequently then there is a chance of banning your account. The more spam post you will post the more your Facebook account will go toward the Facebook jail. So avoid doing this. Even if you have a business account. Post only limited and useful content.

Send Many Friend Requests 

People want to gain many friends in a short amount of time here. So they send requests to random people on Facebook. But if you will send more friend requests then your account will block automatically. Do not send more than 20 requests in a day. This is a safe number. So do not exceed this limit.

Create Duplicate Facebook Account

If you will create a different account from the same contact information then your activities will be unblocked on Facebook. And in this case, all your Facebook accounts will be banned from any further activities. So stick with your one account. And do not make multiple accounts with one contact information.

Promote Dirty/Illegal Content

Try to post decent content on your Facebook account. Do not promote nudity on Facebook. Facebook strictly banned this type of activity. So if you will do this then after a few warnings your account will block. And you will never be able to get your account back.

If you will be caught promoting illegal activities and creating religious disbelief then your account will be permanently blocked.

In some of the above cases, your account gets temporarily blocked. But in many cases, you can never get back your account. And these days it is hard to live without any social media account. So try to avoid all these activities and you will keep your account safe.

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Signs Of A Count To Be In Facebook Jail

Facebook Logo

Some obvious signs can tell you if an account is in Facebook jail or not. Look for these signs if you are suspecting an account to be in Facebook jail.

  • If any account activity has been stopped suddenly. Then this is a clear sign that the account has been banned. You will not see any kind of activity from this account.
  • The display picture of that Facebook account will stop to see. So you will no longer be able to look at the picture of that person.
  • All the account posts have been deleted automatically.
  • No messages have been received from the user’s end.

These are some signs that you check in any account. If you are finding all these signs it means that the account has been in Facebook jail. Sometimes a user disables his account all by himself. In that case, you will see the same signs. But the accounts will remain blocked in both cases.

Tips To Protect Facebook Account

Here are some tips that you can use to make your account fully protected from any banning. These activities will ensure that your account is not fake. And you are not doing any illegal activities from your account. Also, you will receive a notification regarding your Facebook account there.

  • This might take a few minutes but you have to complete your Facebook profile. As soon s you will visit the profile option, you will see many questions regarding where you live and what are your hobbies. So make sure that you complete your Facebook profile. This will let Facebook know that you are a genuine person and you are not faking anything.
  • The next step is to verify your Facebook account via your phone number. These days this is a mandatory step. So do this in the first place. You have to give me your number. Because later you can use that contact information to retrieve your Facebook account.

These two are the main things that you have to do. Because these two thing helps you in verifying your profile. And hence reduce your chance of Facebook jail. So make sure that you do these steps as soon as you will create a new account on Facebook.

How To Get Out Of The Facebook Jail?

How To Get Out Of The Facebook Jail

Here are some tips that you can use to get out of the Facebook jail. If your account activities have been blocked then this section is for you. In the first place make sure that you avoid all types of activities that can lead to account blocking. Here are some tips that can help you to retrieve your account.

  • Most of the Facebook jails are for a limited period only. So you can automatically receive your account back. For this, you have to check your timeline. The timeline will tell you for how many days your account has been blocked.
  • If your account is permanently blocked then you can never get that back.
  • You can send a request for reconsideration. If you think that your account has been blocked for nothing then you can send a Facebook request for reconsideration. In most cases, the account was retrieved early. The reconsidering can take up to 3 days. So you have to manage for at least three days.

These are a few things that you can use to retrieve your account. You cannot do much in these situations. But you can do a lot to avoid this situation. So try to not get in the situation in the first place.

How Is Facebook Helpful?

Facebook is helpful in many ways. First thing you can make new friends here. And you can talk to any person from any part of the world. So this is the ultimate social media application. There are many other features to promote your business on Facebook. You can grow your business here and make new friends as well.  This is the platform that connects you to the world. You can know about the latest world activity here. Learn about the discoveries and all. These days you can get a job via Facebook too. Many job requirements are on Facebook these days. So, it is a way to get employment as well. Hence this is an all-in-one platform for all users.

 Can You Lose Friends After Facebook Jail?

Facebook Friends list

The answer to this question is no. you will not lose your friends after your account activity blocks. It is because as soon as you will receive your account you will be able to use it as usual. And all your friend lists will resin same. Even the old chats will not disappear. So this will never happen. Facebook just temporarily blocks the activity of your account. So when you will retrieve that you will get it as it is.

Facebook is a safe platform. Facebook never plays with your profile. Only you can add and remove friends from your list.


In conclusion, here is how to tell if a person is in Facebook jail. Facebook jail means temporarily blocking the account of a user. If you will do something illegal you have to face Facebook jail. Here are all the tips that can help you to retrieve your Facebook account after banning it. Also, there are many tips that you can do to not face this situation. If Facebook banned your account then it will give the reason for the banning.

This is the ultimate guide for the Facebook jail. If you have faced this then this will help you a lot.

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