How To Tell If Someone Is High?

How To Tell If Someone Is High

Detecting Signs of Being High: Understanding Marijuana Effects

Anyone using marijuana must have changes in physical and mental conditions. Have a look at how to tell if someone is high.

Common Symptoms of Marijuana Use

Some of the common symptoms of taking marijuana are red eyes, poor muscle coordination, delayed reaction times, and increased appetite. Along with a mood change from tense to relaxed. Other signs of this drug are anxiety, panic, hallucinations, and distinctive smell. A person’s clothes or, hair may be the sign, showing the person recently used this marijuana drug.

Observable Behavioral Changes

Other people around him have also noticed a sudden change in the behavior of such a person. Under such symptoms, one can easily know that a person is in high condition. Let’s know one by one in detail about how to tell if someone is high.

What Is Marijuana?

It is a type of weed containing the psychoactive chemical compound THC. The full form of THC is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol which acts to the functions of our brain; Along with giving so many other symptoms. To the brain, blood carries this THC and there it acts with cannabinoid receptors.

These cannabinoids naturally occur in the human body, which are the complexes interacting with the cannabinoid neurotransmitter. The role of cannabinoids on the cannabinoid receptor sites is to slow down the communications between the cells in the body and the brain.

Similarly, the presence of THC has the same effect. That’s why, marijuana is associated with people relaxing and having a calming effect. Also, THC causes physical and psychological symptoms due to the usage of marijuana drug.

Different Methods To Use Marijuana

Some different methods to use marijuana are by smoking, in a bong, or, rolling papers. As edibles in food, in hash or, wax form, in a vaporizer, in tonics and tinctures. Whereas, the consumption of marijuana-based edibles may enhance the adverse reactions. Which leads to dangerous conditions.

People consuming marijuana in edible form may overeat. It takes longer to be absorbed by the blood when THC is taken as edibles rather than smoked. These methods increase the level of THC in the body and lead to acute marijuana toxicity.

Let’s know some methods to use marijuana.

#1. Rolling Papers

In this type of marijuana drug-taking method, thin and lightweight cigarette papers are used to roll the weed in the form of smokable cigarettes or, joints.

#2. Bongs

These are also known as water pipes and are made up of plastic or, glass; Used to vaporize and smoke marijuana. These bongs come in all sizes.

#3. Pipes

Pipes are more portable than the other methods and are used to smoke marijuana weeds; Having a visible cavity where the drug is placed to take.

#4. Roach Clips

These are small metal tweezer-type clips, generally used by marijuana smokers to make a grip to smoke their joint to the end of the cigarette. So that smokers’ fingers do not burn while smoking the drug.

#5. Edibles

There are so many types of edibles available in the market containing marijuana, like cookies, brownies, and candies. They give the same high effect of the weed. So, this marijuana drug comes in different forms to make a person high.

Effects Of Marijuana

The first symptom is a behavior change. There is a loss in memory, lethargy, confusion, working, and also in energy levels. Loss of interest like in someone’s hobby, is also a sign of isolation and depression. An increase in appetite and dryness in the mouth is seen due to the effect of this drug.

If these symptoms happen then there must be the effect of marijuana weed. But with the proper care and therapy, it may be treated. Once again a person can be back to his or, her beautiful and satisfied life perfectly.

End Note

So, these are all about how to tell if someone is high. If any of your known friends or, relatives are struggling with this marijuana weed; then try to support them. Help to return to their original life with perfection with no marijuana drug. Also try to give that person a hopeful life through counseling or, proper advice.

To protect the person from the substance abuse of the weed. Thus when you notice a person with the effect of this marijuana weed, then be there to give full support to overcome it. Thus, hope the above information regarding how to tell if someone is high is helpful to you.

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