How To Tell If A Funko Pop Is Fake?

How To Tell If A Funko Pop Is Fake

Funko-pop figures are very popular. One does not need to describe these because they are hugely popular. And people of all ages collect these. But in the past few years, many cases come forward about the use of fake Funko figures. So here is how to tell if a Funko pop is fake.

If you are a collector of these then this will be very helpful for you. It is not very hard to find which one is fake and which one is original. You just need to have some good eyes for this.

And all the tips to check will be mentioned here. So next time before you get or buy a Funko check this article for the assure about the fake and real Funko.

What Is Funko Pop?

Funko pop figure is a toy that is in the market since Barbies. These are not as big as barbies but they are small collectible vinyl dolls. These dolls have different characters and each character represents a pop culture.

It was first started by an American company. And these days people collect these as their childhood memories. Because when these were launched they get ee best possible hype in the market.

The price of these Funko pops is not much. So more and more people can collect these. Here is more about how to tell if a Funko pop is fake.

How To Tell If A Funko Pop Is Fake {Identify Fake Funko}

Here are some of the best working tips to identify the fake Funko. This will help you protect yourself from any scam. Even if you’re buying these online you can check if they are authentic or not.

Because spending money on fake Funko pops is a waste. So make sure that you read all these tips carefully and then cross-check the signs with your Funko pop.

#1. Use Color To Identify The Fake Funko

Colors are an important part of these dolls. There is always a color difference between the fake and the real doll. Sometimes the shade of the color will be different. Make sure that you keep an original Funko pic for reference.

And check closely all the colors. You need to check the doll and the box’s color. And if you feel like there is a difference in colors then do not buy it. Because it is hard to match the same color as that of the original piece. 

#2. Aware Of The Seller And The Purchasing Place

There are a few very obvious points that you need to neglect before buying the Funko. If you will avoid these then you will avoid most of the possibility of getting the fake Funko.

  1. Check the country of origin. If it says country of origin china then it is a big red flag.
  2. If the product has limited one or two reviews then avoid those products.
  3. When the website listed only one picture of the products it is again a big red flag sign.
  4. Funko lovers buy Funko pops. So why will they write negative reviews if they are getting the original products?
  5. So make sure that you keep away from the sites that have negative reviews about the product.
  6. These dolls never come on huge sales. Because these are a limited number of dolls so it is very obvious that you cannot get these for $20 from anywhere.
  7. If the site shows unlimited or huge stocks of the dolls then it is a big no. because remember these are limited. And it is not possible to get the huge stock. 

#3. Check For Authentic Retailers

All the synthetic Funko pops have a hologram on the box. This hologram is only found in the original dolls. So if you are buying these dolls from any store then make sure that you check the hologram.

These holograms can never be copied. All the synthetic sellers will send the hologram pics.

So make sure that you ask the seller if they have a hologram on or not. If yes then ask them to share a picture. This will help you in getting the original pop for yourself.

#4. Ask For Images

If you’re buying these from an unknown site. And you are in fear that they might sell you a fake one. Then ask the seller to send lots of pics of the dolls. By seeing the dolls you will find something if they are fake.

Because there is always some defect in the original and the fake dolls. For instance the box or say packaging of the Funko pops. The box has the cut out of the inside pop.

And the fake pop seller is not able to make similar finished cutouts. Another big thing is some of the important information is missing from the dolls.

Like the launch date and the launch models etc. this information is available on the front of the box in every original Funko pop box. 


In conclusion, here is how to tell if a Funko pop is fake. These are some very important tips that can keep you safe from any fraud. Because most of the website’s foes do not have return policies for the Funko Pop. So if you buy these once then you will not able to tun. And there is no benefit to keeping a fake Funko with you.

Always check all these facts and then decide which one you want to buy. It is good to buy from a trusted friend and a trued store. If you are buying it from an online website then you have to take extra precautions.

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