How To Tell If A Bipolar Man Loves You?

How To Tell If A Bipolar Man Loves You

Being bipolar means you are affected by a mental disorder. In this, the person feels frequent mood swings. And these mood swings make the life of surrounder people hard. Because you never know when the bipolar man will start to get angry and when he will behave sweetly with you. But love finds its way in every worst situation. So here is how to tell if a bipolar man loves you. 

With the help of this guide, you will be able to see some signs that will keep the light of life in your heart. Make sure that you observe every sign in your man. Because if it is not love and just an abusive relationship then walking off is best for you.

5 Common Signs To Tell If a Bipolar Man Loves You

5 Common Signs To Tell If a Bipolar Man Loves You

Here are some common signs that you can check in your man. If you are seeing these signs then it means he loves you. And you can be in this relationship. Because if there is love then there is a chance for change as well. You can not change a person who does not love you. So make sure that you check closely before going on any final decision.

#1. Communication

The bipolar man’s biggest weakness is their mood swings. But if he is talking with you honestly then he loves you. When he does not hide anything from you. And hiding includes the complex feelings that he has. 

Even after every fight, he comes to you to communicate over that topic. It means despite his disorder he is still in love with you.

#2. Affection

The whole love is based on affection. Some show physical affection while some seek emotional affection. It depends on your relationship with your partner and your choices. So if your partner seeks your affection even when you’re fighting or when he is feeling low.

It means he loves you with all his heart because instead of having conflicts he is coming to seek emotional support from you. Because deep down he knows that you are with him in every situation and you will never leave her.

#3. Respect Boundaries

It is important to set boundaries in every relationship. Relationship with bipolar men is difficult. So you must set your boundaries with your men. And even with his worst mood swings if he is still not crossing those boundaries then he is in love with you. Because the condition for love is respect.

You can not sit on one and decide to set these boundaries. You need good communication and some time for this. So make sure that you let your man your limits for everything. And seeing him in those limits even when he is angry will ensure that he loves you.

#4. Trying To Change

Bipolar man does not agree with this statement that they are mentally ill and bipolar men need therapy to change this state of mind. So if your an is accepting this thing and he is willing to change for you then he loves you.

Every man changes for love. If he is going to the therapy session it means he wants to improve the quality of the relationship.

#5. Loyalty

If your man is loyal to you even after all the conflicts in your relationship it means he is in love with you. Because a bipolar man does not remain loyal in a relationship if they do not love you. So loyalty should be the base of your relationship.

If your man is putting you first in every important decision of life. It means your man thinks about you all the time. And that’s the sign of a man being in love.

How to prepare yourself for a relationship with a bipolar man?

If you are in a relationship with a bipolar man then you have to be mentally strong. Because if you’re not then you will not be able to handle their mood swings. And someday you will give up.

You should have the will to change him. So make sure that you prepare yourself even for the worst that you can think of.


In conclusion, here is How to tell if a bipolar man loves you. Being in a relationship with a bipolar man can be difficult sometimes but if you have having right approach then you can make this relationship happen.

But for this, your man must be in love with you. These signs will help you in knowing about your man. And if he is in love with you or not. So make sure that you check these signs carefully.

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