How To Take Two Cats On A Plane {A Guide}

How To Take Two Cats On A Plane {A Guide}

Travelling with your pet is not easy. You have to make lots of preparations to do this. And also require some documents as well. If you have a cat pet, you must understand the struggle because travelling with two or more cats together is a hassle. But if you will manage things together then you can do this alone. All you need is proper planning. Here is how to take two cats on a plane. It is not impossible.

But it requires the right strategy. There are a few considerations that you have to keep in mind while travelling with the cats. So here is the ultimate guide for you to handle everything while travelling with your two cats. And if travelling is smooth then the vacation will be good as well.

Things To Consider Before Taking Two Cats On A Plane

By doing this, Checking half of your problem will be solved. So if you want to take two cats together on a plane then you have to consider these things.

Here is what they are and how they will help you. 

  1. Check the airline that you are travelling with. Check If they allow pets on the flight or not. And If pets are allowed then how many pets you can carry with you? This should be your first step while trying to travel with your two cats.
  2. The airlines charge the amount to carry pets. So you have to check the price of carrying the pets with you. If you will take one pet with you then the price will be low. But in the case of two cats, the price will be high.
  3. The cat’s documents are a must. Make sure that you prepare the immunization and health certificates of the cats in advance. Not too early and not too delayed from the flight time.
  4. Some airlines allow pets of specific breeds. Because it is easy to calm them. So check if your cat’s breed is allowed or not on the airline.

Tips For Hassle-Free Travelling With Your Two Cat Pets in an Aeroplane

Here are a few tips that you can use to travel hassle-free with your on a plane. All these things will prepare you for the flight. And hence you will not have to run here and there at the time of departure.

#1. Acclimatize Your Cats To Their Carriers

Cats can be quite particular about their carriers, and being confined to one during a flight can be stressful. A few weeks before your trip, leave the carriers open in your home with comfy bedding inside.

Encourage your cats to explore and sleep in them voluntarily. Gradually increase the time your cats spend inside the carriers to help them become more comfortable.

#2. Choose Suitable Cat Carriers

Selecting the right cat carriers is crucial. Opt for well-ventilated, secure carriers that meet your airline’s size requirements for in-cabin travel.

Make sure they have secure latches and are escape-proof. Soft-sided carriers are often preferred for their flexibility and ability to fit under the seat.

#3. Familiarize Your Cats With Air Travel Sounds

To reduce anxiety during the flight, expose your cats to aeroplane sounds. Play recordings of plane engines or airport noises at a low volume in the days leading up to your trip.

This can help desensitize your cats to the unfamiliar sounds they will encounter on the day of the flight.

#4. Pack Essentials

Create a checklist of essential items to pack for your cats. This should include:

  1. Food and water bowls that attach to the carrier.
  2. Enough cat food and treats for the duration of the journey.
  3. Leashes and harnesses for use during layovers.
  4. Waste disposal bags for cleaning up after your cats.
  5. A small first-aid kit for your cat in case of any minor medical needs happens.

Preventive Measures To Take While Taking Your Cats On A Plane

Here are a few precautions that you have to follow to make the smooth travelling.

  1. Make sure that you consider talking to your veteran. They will examine the cat’s health and tell you if it is okay to travel with your cat or not.
  2. Go to the airport for early check-in. This will help you in settling in the seats comfortably. Before the rush starts to enter the plane. Because with your pets you will require some time to settle in.
  3. If two cats fight then keep both of the cats away from each other.


In conclusion, Here is how to take two cats on a plane. It is not easy to travel with two cats on the plane. But here are a few tricks that you can use to make the journey a little more comfortable.

Preparations before the flight time will be very helpful. Make sure to prepare all documents for your cats in advance.

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