How To Survive Waterboarding {Help Guide}

How To Survive Waterboarding {Help Guide}

Waterboarding is a kind of torture. Different types of waterboarding are practiced. But the common thing in every waterboarding is that they pour water over your mouth and nose. This method is used to torture and is mostly used in integration these days. But do you know how to survive waterboarding?

All the tricks and tips in this article come from waterboarding survivors. Those who have faced such kind of traumatizing existence can only give tips to survive this. Post-traumatic stress is very difficult to deal with after waterboarding. So here is the complete guide about how you will survive and how you can collect yourself after waterboarding. 

What is the process of waterboarding?

Waterboarding is creating a fake sensation of drawing. Here a person’s face is covered with the cloth and continuous water is poured on his face. His hands and legs are tied so that he can not move from one place to another. Intelligence officers use this method to interrogate the culprit of serious crimes.

There are many other forms of waterboarding. But this one is commonly practiced. Waterboarding leaves extreme psychological effects on the human brain. The person feels traumatized and in most cases split facts.

Tips to survive waterboarding

Here are some tips that you can use to survive waterboarding. You have to prepare yourself mentally before the process. Because the process can be more traumatizing than you think.

These tips will help you get through the process. Make sure that you follow all these. Go until your limits. But do not overdo it because it might be very dangerous.

#1. Mentally prepare yourself

This is the best that you can do in the situation. You have to prepare yourself for the waterboarding process. And you can not prepare yourself physically. So mental preparation is the only option. If the police have decided to interrogate you through waterboarding then they will inform you in advance.

This can work in your favor because you will have time to think about this. If you have something to tell the police then you can tell everything behave the process as well. After that, they might cancel the process.

#2. Watch videos of the process

You should know what you’re getting into. So it is better to watch related videos on the internet. This will give you an idea about what will happen there. If you will go there with no knowledge then there are high chances that you will give up instantly.

Because this is one of those processes that not everyone can survive. Watch a lot of videos of different procedures of waterboarding. Listen to the podcast of the waterboard survivors for more information.

#3. Hold your breath

This is the best that you can do. When they pour water on your face all you have to do is hold your breath. If you will breathe in then the water will enter your nostrils and then you will find it difficult to breathe. When you find some gap in the process then release the breath and hold it again.

So if you want to practice before the process then you can practice breath-holding. Try to increase your time of breath holding. And you will be good to go for waterboarding. 

#4. Exhale sharply

There are very few chances that you will not let the water enter your nostril. So when they stop water pouring for some time then you have to exhale sharply. Sharp enough that it pushes all the fluid out of your nose. And right after doing this inhale a deep breath and then hold the breath again.

This way you can prevent the entry of water into your nose. If the fluid went inside your nose then it will choke you in a short time. And this will make it hard to breathe and you will feel intense pain and you feel like actually drowning.

After effects of waterboarding

In fact, Every person has a different tolerance level. So it is hard to say the final after-effects of waterboarding. Because every person feels different. However, there are some common thighs that people have experienced after waterboarding. The chances of having a heart attack increase after waterboarding.

Because it is a sudden feeling traumatizing. And no one can handle this. If you have a previous heart health condition then the chance of a heart attack increases. There is a chance that you might break some of your bones. Because when you try to escape that feeling you move here and there aggressively.

Post-traumatic stress is also no joke. Some people list it after a few minutes of the process. The more you fight against this the more you put your body under stress. Both physical stress and mental stress. 

Can you train to survive waterboarding?

No matter how much you practice. There is very less chance that you will be able to get through the process harmless. Because the process is very uncertain. You might train yourself for the beginner level.

But whatever you will face there will be of extreme level. So even if you will practice there is less chance of survival.


In conclusion, here is how to survive waterboarding. The process of waterboarding is to torture the other person. There is very less chance of survival in this process. Here are some tips that you can use to get through this process.

These tips will help you in surviving the process to a high extent. You can try practicing a little before the process as well. Because this will give you an idea about the whole waterboarding process.

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