How To Store Orbeez {Best Tips}

How To Store Orbeez {Best Tips}

Orbeez is the cute water beads that everyone loves to play with but the most difficult thing is storing them. It is because they lost here and there very easily and were later found in very bad conditions. So here is the guide for how to store Orbeez. If you’re an Orbeez lover then you will find this very useful.

Because this will help you in playing with these balls for a long time without making a mess. Most people avoid playing with these because they create a huge mess and it becomes difficult to clean after playing.

What Is An Orbeez?

As a matter of fact, Orbeez is the cool dry water ball. They come in a lost pack and when you leave them in water sometimes. They become big and fluffy. These work on simple osmosis mechanisms. They are slippery small balls. These days you can get these in different shapes.

They like small animal shapes but their ball shapes are more popular and people of all ages love to play with them. These can load in play guns and hence become a most fun activity for the children.

Orbeez are in the market for a very long time and seeing their popularity they will continue to stay this way.

3 Tips To Store Orbeez

Here are some of the effective tips to store Orbeez. Make sure that you follow all the to get the best results. You do not have to do much for this all you have to do is done things with a little care.

#1. Use Airtight Container

These water-absorbing polymers are easy to store. If you will take care of the few things. The first thing that should consider is buying an air-tight container. You can buy a glass jar or a plastic container just make sure that no moisture goes inside that container.

Now before placing the Orbeez in it make sure that you remove all the water. The water can damage the Orbeez very quickly. 

#2. Use Zip-Lock Bags

If you do not want to invest in the containers you can consider using zip-lock bags. These zip-lock bags are good to store these small watery balls. These are more durable options and they are cheap compared to any other storage containers.

Also, you can carry them from one place to another very easily. You can use these to make the Orbeez just make sure that drain the water out of it. 

#3. Use Silica Gel Packets

If you want to store your Orbeez for long-term use then you should consider buying the silica gels. These are known to absorb moisture from any container. So, it will absorb the excess moisture and leave the hydrated Orbeez behind.

All you have to do is place these silica gel on the bottom of the container and the top of the container. And you can leave this for a very long time. You have to cover the Orbeez in silica gel from all sides. Because they catch moisture very easily. So these are tips about how to store Orbeez.

Other Uses Of Orbeez

Apart from playing, there are many other ways that you can use to play Orbeez. These Orbeez benefited a lot of things.

Some of the common things about Orbeez are as follows:

  1. You can use it in the plant’s pot to make sure that the mixture will remain locked in the plants. The soil will remain hydrated for a long time. 
  2. They can act as stress-relieving balls. You can squeeze them to reduce the stress and anxiety. 
  3. If you have flowers in a pot and they do not remain stable then you can use these balls to make them stable.

So these are all the benefits and uses of the Orbeez that people misunderstood. Make sure that you use them in the right way.


In conclusion, here is how to store Orbeez. As a matter of fact, Obreez is the most fun-loving water ball. The only tricky thing is storing these. Because these can make a very bad mess which is hard to clean. If you will use these storing tips you will be able to use these fully. And you will be able to use that for the long term. 

Also, it is very easy to carry them around if you have properly stored them. 

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