How To Stop Liking Someone {9 Easy Ways}

Feature Image- How To Stop Liking Someone {9 Easy Ways}

Liking someone is easy but making those feelings stop is very hard. you can try avoiding him, making new friends, spending time with family, etc. some cases also require medical treatment.

How To Stop Liking Someone & Control Feelings On Yourself

Generating love feelings for someone is easy, but it is not easy to stop liking your crush or stop missing your ex. Real love life is way more different than on the tv show. So, do not compare or expect your love life based on virtual reality. If your feelings are not being respected by the other person then you should kill those feelings. Otherwise, they will hurt you every single minute. In this article, I will tell you how to stop liking someone in 9 easy ways.

Sometimes the liking becomes an obsession and it requires treatment from a professional relationship expert. Do not let yourself reach that level. Follow all the below-given tips to change your feelings for someone.

#1. Spend Time With Friends

Spend time for friends and make fun

Try to spend time with your good friends. This will help you to restrict action or avoid him. Your mind will remain diverted from him and you will think about him less. Of course, I think that your best friends or well-wishers may be able to assist you in getting out of this difficult situation. If you share your feelings with your close friends, they will advise you on how to deal with this situation in the most effective possible ways. You should stay away from him as much as possible. Never try to contact him first or approach him as soon as you see him.

#2. Stop Stalking

Social media

This is the best way to mind your crush. Do not stalk him on social media. Unfollow him from everywhere and if you can’t then just avoid him. Avoid seeing his stories and posts. Do not like his pics or see the old pics. If possible log out of your account for some time to control yourself. Doing all this gives some time and space to revise your thoughts and allow you to think that you need to move out. Obsessions are very unhealthy. They affect your mental health very badly.

#3. Consulting With A Qualified Therapist

Therapist helps to stop like someone treatment

If your liking has become an obsession affecting your mental health and also decreasing your work efficiency then you should immediately seek treatment or an informed professional therapist. They are experts in this field so maybe they will help you to learn how to stop being obsessed with someone as soon as possible from your end. If you are seeing a consultant then do not take any action without consulting with him. Like calling your crush and meeting him all these things will affect your treatment. They might start some medication to stabilise your mental health and they will also advise you to do some yoga, and exercise to heal you.

These days online consulting is also available. But before choosing one always go on the “please read our terms” sections on their websites and compare the facilities of different consultants.

#4. Meet New People

Meet and explore new things or peoples thats helps to stop like someone

In order to stop liking and get over someone, one of the best things you can do is meet new people and explore new things on your end. Meanwhile, you will not have to exert a lot of energy because of this. All you need to do is make new friends. It is very easy in today’s world because social media is the ultimate place for meeting new people. You can heal your broken heart with this. You will eventually forget about him. Because the new people will make you busy knowing about them and all. You can also hang out with some new people. Try to talk to new fellow workers at the office or new batchmates in the school. You can also make new friends around your residence area.

#5. Substitution technique

Substitution  choose from another person

This might sound a little off but you can look for your crush substitute. Either choose someone who intended to be a substitution or select a person who is genuinely interested in you. This way you will forget about the toxic one and will be spending time and energy on the right person. Do not put head over heels for this. Just look around you will find someone that will be interested in you and maybe you are ignoring him because of that toxic crush.

#6. Make Yourself Busy

Busy with girl

Try to keep yourself busy in your free time. Because if you will have free time then you will think about him.  Also, this trick will help you become more productive. Do not sit at home during weekends. Make plans with friends and family. Enjoy your weekend and try to remain happy. Pursue your hobbies like singing, dancing, painting anything. There are many activities that you can do like running a marathon, volunteering, joining some organization, etc. you will feel better and eventually stop thinking about him.

#7. Change Your Feelings

Girl change mood / feelings

Write his cons on the paper and read that aloud. Also, write all the feelings that you had when he ignored you. Write all those on a paper and you will automatically start disliking him. It is because your brain will understand the cause of pain and it will try to eliminate that. This is the easiest and most effective technique of all. You will never feel disappointed with this trick. This will train your brain that he is the cause of all those sad memories and your brain will start sending bad vibes single for him.

#8. Avoid Him

girl avoid him to stop like someone

Honestly, this is the hardest of all. If your crush is a good friend of yours then it is impossible to avoid him. Even if you try to avoid him, he will notice this immediately and ask for an explanation. You can just decrease the time that you spend with him. Like, make an excuse for some urgent work after class so that you do not need to hang out with him and all. All these things will help you get over him and slowly-slowly one day you will forget about him.


In conclusion, all the above-mentioned tricks are the substitution for diagnosis treatment. Do not make your liking into some serious obsession. Because this will only lead you to a doctor’s clinic. We have no control over our feelings but we can surely decrease them or shift them. All the information on this page will help you to get over him. It will take time, maybe some months or a few weeks. It depends upon your willpower and how much you want to get over him. All these are fully verified tricks.

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