How To Stop Calls On iPhone Without Blocking?

How To Stop Calls On iPhone Without Blocking

You can avoid calls on your iPhone very easily. Here is the list of all possible methods to avoid calls. Every feature has different methods to avoid the call. So, make sure you select your desired one.

Tips to stop calls on iPhone without blocking

There are times when you want to avoid calls from unknown numbers or certain people. Call blocker is always an option but you can stop all calls without blocking them. This way you will not be obvious about your actions. And the other person will not get to know that you are avoiding his phone call.

There are many features on the iPhone that allow you to ignore calls without blocking. Here is the guide for how to stop calls on iPhones without blocking. Every step is useful and you can choose your desired method to stop receiving calls.

#1. Use do not disturb mode

Blocking the caller is never a good option. It is time-consuming too. Because on average you receive more than 5 spam calls in a day. Hence blocking everyone is not easy. All you need to do is just turn on the do not disturb mode of your appropriate iPhone devices. This feature will not let you receive any calls and notifications. Hence stop incoming calls by silencing your phone. You will start receiving the notification as soon as you turn off this feature. You can easily find this feature on the phone bar.

#2. Put your phone in airplane mode

If you are wishing to avoid all incoming calls on your iPhone then enable this feature. By using airplane mode no one will be able to reach you. When someone tries to call you they will get a phone switched off computer message. It is because the airplane mode cut off the network service and hence you will not able to receive any call. The vice versa is also true. But remember this not only stops calls on iPhone but it will also stop messages and internet use. Until you open the airplane mode you will not use all this.

#3. Silence unknown callers

If you want to stop receiving spam calls and those calls that are from numbers that are not in your contact lists. Then this feature is best. You can silence the call from all unknown numbers. You will not receive any call notifications from these numbers and hence you will not have to receive these calls. If you do not have any office work then you can simply ignore calls from the unknown person. You can find this feature in the call control center in your mobile phone setting. This feature does not disturb mode but only for unknown numbers.

#4. Use the call forwarding option

Call forwarding is very effective to ignore calls without blocking. You can transfer your phone calls to another phone number. The best thing is that the caller will not get any notification for that. So, they will remain unaware of where the call is forwarding. This feature is helpful when your phone is not working properly. The call forwarding option of the iPhone has become better in the past years. This feature lagged in the past but now it works perfectly fine.

#5. Manual network selection

By going into the network setting you can change the manual network settings. This setting will give the user an out-of-network one. So the caller will think that your phone is out of network coverage.  You will not have to explain to anyone what you were not picking. Because the phone bell will not ring from the sender’s side. By default, the network setting is set to automatic. In this case, all you need to do is just change the appropriate phone settings from automatic to manual here. Then, the phone will ask you to select a network provider. After doing that your phone will not receive any calls.


In conclusion, it is very easy to avoid calls from anyone on the iPhone. You can use the iPhone feature to avoid calls from a specific person or you can also choose the do not disturb option. Which allows you to ignore all the calls that your phone will receive.

Here is the list of all possible methods to stop calls on your iPhone instead of blocking them. You can use any of these and avoid calls. Make sure that you choose the correct option from the option bar. Most of these features are available on the phone bar so do not have to go into the settings for thee. Hope you will find this helpful.

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