How To Start A Permanent Jewelry Business?

How To Start A Permanent Jewelry Business

In this article, all you need to know about is how to start your permanent jewelry business. Of course, These tips will help you to grow your business in small time and you will become familiar with the necessary stuff that is required for this process.

To Learn How To Start A Permanent Jewelry Business

Permanent jewelry service is a new trend these days. This work is very easy but at the beginning requires little training. So it is among the easiest business to start these days. As a matter of fact, couples and adults also like the concept of permanent jewelry these days. If you want to start a permanent jewelry business then you are at the right palace. We will tell you more on this topic like how to start a permanent jewelry business.

Concept Of Permanent Jewelry

Permanent jewelry is closing jump rings and chains. These can be worn anywhere like on wrists and ankles. The metal of the jewelry is selected by the customers. The popular metals of permanent jewelry are rose gold, stainless steel, gold, platinum, and white gold. Moreover, the length of the jewelry will also be selected by the customers. It is a trend in permanent jewelry. People on social media are liking this more and more. So here is more about the business of permanent jewelry.

Equipment Required To Start The Permanent Jewelry Business

There are a few pieces of equipment that are necessary to start any permanent jewelry business. Make sure that you arrange everything before starting your own business.

  • A pulse arc welder is necessary to weld your jewelry permanently. This welder is for small welding purposes.
  • You will need some scissors for cutting the chain. Tweezers and magnifiers are also necessary.
  • To weld the precious metal you will need argon gas in the welding machine. This gas produces more heat during combustion. Here you will get your work done in a few minutes.

You can get all this stuff in a single kit from the market. There are many permanent jewelry kits available in the market. These are for doing permanent jewelry at home. But you can use this to start your own business.

Choose An Appropriate Place

After making all the stuff ready, now you have to find a perfect place for your business. Make sure that your shop is in a noticeable place. So that people can notice you. It should be attractive and have some aesthetic. You can also add some picture-clicking spots in your shop. This way you will get more attention from the customers. Give your customers extra service of the picture clicking by clicking their jewelry picture. This will help you to promote your jewelry business online.

Promotion Is Necessary

The promotion of your business is very necessary. You can build stable customer service support from that, and make sure that you put your holding on the roads. Give advertisements for your shop. Run some discount plans on your jewelry store. This will help you to get more customers for jewelry. Try to interact with more people when you go outside. Always use social media to build a stable base of your customers.


In conclusion, here is how you can start your own permanent jewelry business. This business requires investment. You can start with less investment and later you can add more to your shop. Make sure that you arrange all the necessary stuff first. Try to check the price of your stuff at different stores. This way you can save some extra money on your equipment. All these tips will help you grow and build your business in a small time. Hope you all will find ways to start a permanent jewelry business and this is helpful.

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