How To Spam Someone’s Phone Number – Best 2024 Apps

how to spam someone's phone number

Today are you feeling like playing a prank with someone, and now you are figuring out how to ping their phone to annoy them for some time? There are so many ways of doing so, and in this article, we will show you how to spam someone’s phone number!

First, let’s talk about ways of spamming someone’s phone number and later we will discuss ten services that help you spam phone numbers with messages. 

Here is a quick overview – 

Top 10 Apps/Sites to Spam Someone’s Phone Number 

    1. – Free (Available on App Store & Play Store)
    2. – Paid ($3/50 SMS) Directly from the Website
    3. – Paid ($1.4/20 SMS) Directly from the Website
    4. FAST2SMS – Paid (₹50 Credit for Signing Up)Website and Google Play Store
    5. Txtemnow – Free (Directly from the website without registration)
    6. e-FreeSMS – Free (Directly from the website without registration)
    7. – Free (Directly from the website without registration)
    8. BlowUpThePhone – Paid ($1.4/20 SMS) From Website
    9. – Free & Paid Version (from the website)
    10. SendAnonymousSMS – Free (from the website)

That’s the list of top 10 sites and tools.

How to Spam Someone’s Phone Number

There are official/unofficial and various fun ways of doing so. However, we recommend making it a harmless prank without disturbing someone’s mental peace or health. Here are some of the ways to Spam Someone’s Phone Number

    1. Prank SMS & Calls Websites – These websites and tools, are created for playing harmless pranks. Once, you register with them, enter your friend’s phone number and launch a prank. (Eg.,,
    2. Use Social Media – On social media, there are various marketing teams, forms, newsletters, etc. You can fill out such forms with your friend’s phone number, they will be sending them unwanted updates. 
    3. Bulk SMS Service – These are the website that helps you send bulk SMS, like 100, 1000, or 10,000! You can set the theme of bulk messages and send 100s of messages in a click. (Eg.,
    4. Get a Temporary Virtual Number – You can get a temporary phone number, using which you can send a message to that person without revealing your identity. For eg, try using Google Voice or

These are some of the best ways to spam someone’s phone number. Now let’s see the top 10 tools for spamming someone’s phone number.

Top 10 Free & Paid Services to Spam Someone’s Phone Number


1. Spoofbox


Spoofbox is an app that helps you send prank calls and SMS, with this tool you can also send fake SMS, WhatsApp message, Email, iMessage, etc. The app is free to use, all you need to do is download the app and create a free account.

Although it has a credit system, you need credits to send spam texts or calls. 

Type – Free App (requires credit points to spam text or call)

How to Use – You need to first make an account on, then the homepage of the website, you can find options such as Prank, Spoof, etc > You can click on Spoof to Spam SMS > Earn the Credit Points > Create a Prank and Launch it.

Availability – Worldwide

Download – Play Store | App Store

#2. one of the best sites to spam someone's phone number

Overview: is a paid prank website, using which you can spam your friend’s number with random facts. You can select from four themes – Cat, Trump, Coffee, or Parenting Facts. 

All messages you will send will be unique, a great tool for doing a sweet prank.

Service Type – Paid – 50 SMS/ $3

How to use it – Go to > Select the theme of Joke > Enter their Phone Number > Select Prank > Launch Prank

Availability – Only Available in US & Canada

Website –

#3. best paid website to spam someone's phone number


MessageBomber is a paid website that allows you to send bulk prank messages to your friend and spam their phone. You can send the number of SMS and the time you want to send messages. 

You can spam any phone number in the US & Canada, one can send 1 – 100 SMS in the time interval of 10, 20, or 40 Sec.

You can check out with PayPal or using your Debit/Credit card

Service Type – Paid ($1.4/ 20 SMS)

How to Use – Go to > Select the theme of Prank > Tap on Launch this Prank > Add the Phone Number > Select your Plan > Launch the Prank

Availability – Only Available in the US & Canada


FAST2SMS - This app helps to spam someone's phone number

FAST2SMS is a bulk SMS service, where you can send bulk messages. Although it’s a professional service you can use it for individual purposes as well. It’s a paid service, but you get ₹50 after signing up. 

Service Type – Paid (₹50 as a sign-up bonus)

How to Use – Go to and register with your phone number and email address > Complete your KYC (Verify your Aadhar and do ₹100 or more transactions) > Use their services – Voice call, OTP SMS, Bulk SMS, Quick SMS, etc.

Availability – India

Download – App for Android | Website

#5. - App helps to spam someone's phone number


Txtemnow is a prank SMS website, that helps you to send 300-character SMS to any phone number in the globe. The best part is, the service is free and you’ll remain anonymous.

However, the website says it may take up to an hour to send a message.

Service Type – Free

How to Use it – Go to > Scroll down a bit, add the phone number, add a custom message > Click on Continue, Check the message, and then launch the prank.

Availability – Worldwide

Website –

#6. e-freeSMS

e-freeSMS - Send free sms & free calls


e-FreeSMS is a website that helps you send anonymous SMS to your friends (worldwide). You don’t need to register you can start using the app by visiting the website. Overall, in my usage, the website didn’t work, however, for some users it worked.

I would recommend checking out the service by yourself. 

Service Type – Free

How to Use – Go to > select SMS or Call > Select the country, enter the phone number, message > send!

Availability – Worldwide

Website –

#7. - How to spam someone's phone number


The website has a very clear user interface, which can be used for sending SMS to anyone in the United States for Free. But as we intend to prank someone, we will use it differently. You can be anonymous and send your friends spam messages. 

You can send free SMS up to 155 Characters

Service Type – Free

How to Use – Go to > Fill out all the necessary details > Add Recipient > Launch the Prank

Availability – United States

Website –

#8. Application for blow up your phone with frank calls and texts


You can actually blow up someone’s phone with spam messages. The website is similar to Message Bombers, all the key features are the same, but the pranking style and themes differ.

You can Prank call or SMS someone, However, the service isn’t free here and the rates are quite similar to Message Bomber.

So you can consider it as a theme alternative from Message Bomber.

Service Type – Paid ($1.4 / 20 SMS)

How to use – Go to > Select your plan > Enter the recipient’s phone number > Pay your Fees > Launch the Prank.

Availability – The United States and Canada

Website –

#9. - How to spam someone phone number


Arms SMS better known as Anonymous Messaging Site, this site helps you to send a message anonymously to anyone. They have available jokes and SMS also, that you can customize and send.

However, this website also runs on a credit system, some of the features like sending a single SMS are not available. You need credit points to send a 160-character SMS. You can buy credits or earn credits through the website.

The website has a simple user interface, and also on the privacy part, this website is better than the other ones. While launching the prank, there is an option given to you, that do Anonymous SMS Save the message in their database, you can deselect it, so it won’t be saved in their database.

Service Type – Free & Paid Version

How to Use – Sign up at > Add Recipient Phone Number > Write Your SMS > Send it

Availability – Worldwide

Website –

#10. - For using this app frank calls, frank sms


Send Anonymous SMS is a site that helps you to spoof or prank receivers, you can spoof your phone number here. Throughout the process, you’ll be completely anonymous. You don’t have to sign up or pay for a message, it’s free. You can send messages throughout the globe.

However, because of the website’s vivid features, it may, at times fail to deliver a message. But if you check SMS Status on this site, it would be showing sent.

This is the issue I faced while using it, but you can try, you don’t log in or give any info there.

Service Type – Free

How to use – Go to > fill out the necessary details > Send!

Availability – Worldwide

Website –

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So this is how you can spam someone’s phone number for pranking them.

Note – Spamming someone is illegal, a victim can challenge you legally, and the prank should be harmless and done without the intent of harming someone. So this is completely your responsibility when you try to be frank with someone and play with their feelings! It’s not recommended to spam with someone when your intent is serious. The above apps help to chat or call your family and friend numbers just for fun!

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