How To Smooth Out Stomach After Liposuction?

How To Smooth Out Stomach After Liposuction

I am going to show you how you can able to smooth out your stomach after liposuction. Of course, liposuction surgery is used to remove the fat under the skin. Stomach muscle soreness and bumps in the skin are very common after surgery. Here are some tips to remove those bumps from the skin.

To learn how to smooth out your stomach after liposuction?

smooth out your stomach

Liposuction surgery results in some bumps and bumps on the stomach. You should not worry about these because all this comes under the healing process. If you are feeling tightness in this stomach then it is common too. There are certain things that you will need to do to smooth out the stomach after liposuction.

Here I will tell you how to smooth out the stomach after a section on these tricks will help you to get the desired result. However in extreme cases, one can also need a physician.

What is liposuction?

Lipu section is a surgical procedure done for the Tummy tuck where the fat is removed under the skin of the patient through the suction process. Specialized plastic surgeons do this surgery and usually, this surgery is not done for any medical condition but for beauty purposes.

Liposuction is commonly used to remove the fat cells and it uses laser skin tightening techniques. The doctor contour irregularities first and then use infrared light to remove all the fat cells around that area.

Common problems after liposuction

There are a few common things that every person feels after their liposuction surgery. Having the symptoms does not mean that your surgery has gone wrong. All these comforts will go with time. Here is the list of some common discomforts that people feel after liposuction surgery.

  • Hardness in stomach
  • Pain in the abdomen area
  • Weakness
  • Lumps and bombs in the contour lining
  • Indigestion

These are Some common results after liposuction. By following the right medications, exercise and more the symptoms will go with time. A body needs time to heal after any surgical procedure. But if you are facing more problems then you should immediately visit your surgeon.

Important tips to smooth out the stomach(muscles) after liposuction

Here are some tips that you can do at home to smooth out the muscles of the stomach after your liposuction surgery. All you need to do is follow these procedures by heart and your muscles will smooth eventually.

Tip#1: Use compression garments

Compression garments book pressure on your stomach and hands to help you to smooth out the muscle. Dr advises these garments after the surgery and you have to use these for more than two weeks. For the first to make you have to use 24 hours but after 2 weeks you can start using 12 hours or 13 hours in a day and slowly decrease the time.

The healing process after liposuction takes time. The muscles of the stomach also need time to smooth out. so you have to keep patience.

Tip#2. Massage

Take Massage and smooth out stomach after liposuction surgery

A special type of massage called manual lymphatic drainage therapy is used by doctors to get rid of lumps and bumps after the liposuction. This massage also helps to get rid of the unwanted swelling and it smooths out the muscles very quickly compared to any other procedure. Along with this, some extra massages are also offered by the doctors. Juice massages help your stomach muscles to relax and get back into their normal functions. So, you can try this massage if you want to smooth out your stomach after liposuction.

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Tip#3. Needle aspiration

If your lumps are persisting for too long then Dr suggests the needle aspiration technique. In this procedure, a needle is used to suck out the oil and fat from the lumps. However, this technique is only used for small lumps and bumps. If any large persists for too long then the doctor advised another surgery to remove that lump. Removing that large lump became a necessity because if it persists for two long years it may cause many other medical conditions which are very harmful to the patient’s health.

Tip#4. Have a balanced diet and Smooth Out your Stomach

Have a balanced diet and Smooth Out Stomach

Having a balanced diet after your surgeries is very important. After liposuction surgery, the doctor advised you not to eat any fatty food. And the junk foods and the food that contains more amount of oil in it. Because the more you will eat fatty food the more fat will start depositing in your lumps. Which makes it hard for the lumps to go away in a certain period.

Try to eat more fibrous food: green vegetables, boiled vegetables, and fruits instead of oily cooked food. Avoid all kinds of outside food for at least one month after your surgery.

Tip#5. Drink plenty of water helps to smooth out the stomach after liposuction

Drink plenty of water

It is advised to drink water and other liquid content as much as you can after your liposuction surgery. It is because the more water and liquid intake the more oil and fat we dissolve in it and remove from your body through urination. Your lumps and bums will reduce in size and your stomach muscles will get smooth in a small period. You need to take all the precautions along with your medications for at least one or two months after your surgery.

Because it is the most crucial time and the time where the chances of getting any disorder rise most.

Tip#6. Visit a specialist

Visit a specialist

If the lumps and bumps persist after 4 to 5 months of your surgery. Then you should visit a specialist doctor for your condition. There are chances that the bumps persist because of fat necrosis. Fat necrosis is the death of the fat cells inside the bombs which cannot get out by themselves. The doctor will use extra MRI techniques to check the fat necrosis in your bumps. If any such condition is seen then the doctor will suggest you do another surgery to remove all those lumps and bumps.


In Conclusion, smoothing out the muscles of the stomach after liposuction surgery takes time. It took around 2 to 3 months to get the perfect results. Here is everything that you can do to remove the slubs and bums and smooth the muscles of the stomach after surgery. Make sure you consult everything with your doctor before choosing anything. Hope you will find this helpful.

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