How To Smoke Weed From Pipe {Complete Guide}

How To Smoke Weed From Pipe {Complete Guide}

Pipe smoking is the most common method to smoke weed. Different types of pipes are available in the market. Metal pipes are most commonly used in this process. Step by step guide to smoke weed from pipes is given

Weed smoking from pipe: a complete guide to smoke weed from a pipe

Smoking is a very common method of consuming weed, cannabis, marijuana, and all. Some people use smoking for therapeutic purposes. However, smoking marijuana is illegal in many countries. And people still find many ways to consume this. As long as you are not addicted to smoking you are fine. Addiction to smoking is life-threatening. When you enter the world of smoking you will be surprised to see a variety of ways how people smoke weed. Some of the most common methods are joints or blunts, pipe, and a bong.

However, there is no fixed way to smoke weed. You can even develop your own way. Above all the methods pipe is the simplest method to consume weed. Most beginners use this method because it is hassle-free and a time saver. In this article, we will see how to smoke weed from a pipe. This will help you learn to use weed pipes.

Types of weed smoking pipes

Even in the smoking pipes, you will see many varieties. You can find expensive as well as cheap pipes for smoking weed. The list of weed pipes available in the market are as follows:

  • Metal pipe
  • Tobacco pipe
  • Resin pipe
  • Wax pipe
  • Glass pipes

Cannabis pipe is also known as spoon pipe. Because they look like a spoon. In this, a marijuana bowl is attached with a stem that looks sort of like a spoon. Among all the available pipes glass pipes are more convenient. Because they are suitable for all types of sizes, shapes, and colors. Some museums also have glass pieces to show.

Parts of weed smoking pipe

Before knowing the working of weed pipes you should be aware of the different parts of a smoking pipe.

#1.The mouthpiece- as clear from the name it is the place where you put your mouth.

#2. The bowl- this is the middle part of the pipe. In this part, we put our cannabis flower or any other smoking stuff.

#3. The carb hole- this is a small hole present in the pipe. It is used to clear the residue from the pipe. This part needs to remain clear otherwise it will affect the smoking process.

Process of weed smoking from a pipe

Coming to the actual process of smoking. Follow all the steps given below properly. You may find it a little difficult in the beginning but with time you will acquire the mastery. So do not worry if you do wrong on the first attempt.


Before filling the weed into the pipe you will need to grind it. You can use the grinder for this special grinders are also available in the markets. Put weed into the grinder and twist it 3 to 4 times. Do till you get the small piece to grind tea leaf consistency. By doing this you will create enough space to move air in and out hence the weed will burn properly.


Now is the most complicated part. Now we will fill the pot with cannabis powder. Make sure you will in such a way that it doesn’t blow out and is not too tough. You should press a little, leave the space for air in it. In the end, it should look like a cup. With time you will attain proficiency.


Now bring your lighter or hemp wick. To smoke a pipe you will need to light the weed in the bowl. Now put your mouth on the mouthpiece and inhale. You will need to put your thumb on it during inhale in case your pipe has any left crab. When you are done inhaling you can simply remove your thumb from that place.

How to choose the perfect weed pipe?

Honestly, any pipe is suitable for smoking weed. Talking about the weed pipe material, wood, glass, metal, and even stone pipes are there in the market. You can choose any design, any material of your choice except aluminium. Always avoid using aluminium mix pipes. Because aluminium is not a suitable metal in the smoking session. Because after heating the aluminium fumes become very dangerous for the lungs. Although smoking is also very dangerous you see the smoking effects after years. So always check the metal pipes before buying.

Metal pipes should be the first choice if you are a beginner in the smoking field. If you worry about the heating of metal pipes then do not worry every pipe has a rubber installed to avoid the heat.

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