How To Sign Up For Google Nest Aware {Help Guide}

How To Sign Up For Google Nest Aware {Help Guide}

In this article, I am going to explain how you can sign up for Google Nest Aware service, and how it works. There is no doubt that Google Nest Aware is an excellent service provided by the company Google. That will help you to convert your home into a smart home without getting into any trouble on your end.

All You Need To Know About Google Nest

The world we live in today offers all of us the opportunity to lead a comfortable and easy life. So, we are using different devices and technologies to make our life easy and comfortable. Everyone uses smartphones nowadays and we have to admit that it is a necessity now and not just a facility. There are many things like smart speakers, smart TV, etc. that make our life easy. Many of us use Alexa and different smart devices to get more facilities.

All of these things that we do are to make our life easy. Different companies are thinking of grabbing these opportunities and making your life easy. Different types of speakers or displays are available in the market that is made by big companies and people are loving that. One of the biggest companies Google has also launched its service which is named Google Nest. Now we will tell you about the nest.

What is Google Nest?

Google nest is a service that provides you with different devices that will help you to make your home a google nest. In other words, it helps you to make your house a smart home. Different devices like nest cameras, nest doorbell batteries, nest speakers, nest cam batteries, etc. are provided to make your house a smart house.

With the help of these devices, you can make your work easy. Every device has a different use. For example, we use nest cameras for the security of our house. These all devices have different work and all of these are a product of Google. If you too are thinking to make your house a smart home then go for google nest it will surely help you.

Google Nest Aware

In order to use Google Nest products, you need to subscribe to ‘Google Nest Aware,’ which is a subscription-based service that is provided by Google company. Nest Aware subscription is a paid subscription that you have to buy to use your nest products. You can also use nest awareness for 30 days for free. A 30-day trial plan is launched by Google in which you can simply enjoy Nest Aware free of cost for a month but after that, you have to buy its subscription to use it.

You can also get event video history from cameras after taking a subscription. The cost starts from 6$ per month. If you have a subscription then you can get a 24/7 video history for 60 days. Sometimes these types of devices are very helpful. They are also very good for security purposes too. How many people were asking how to sign up for Google Nest aware? That’s what we’re going to tell you now.

How to sign up for google nest aware?

1) To sign up for nest awareness, firstly you have to go to the google play store or app store and then download the official app of google nest.

2) After downloading the nest you have to install it on your mobile phone. Now you will be given login or signup options.

3) Then you have to signup if you are using this app for the first time. After that, you have to enter your Gmail details. Then you will be logged in to nests.

4) After that login procedure, you will get on the permissions page. Now you have to read all the agreements and permissions that nest needs to run. Once to read and agree to all of them then you can use the nest.

5) If you have already taken a subscription then you will face no issue. But if you haven’t purchased it yet then we recommend you to take 30 day free trial first.

I hope the above steps help you to sign up for google nest aware.


So, if you are thinking to make your home a smart home then Google nest is a good thing for you. Many people are using different devices like Alexa speakers by amazon. Alexa is also getting very popular and this could be also a good smart device for you. But the biggest advantage of using Google nest is that you get multiple smart devices that will make your house a completely smart house and will change your lifestyle. There you will get multiple devices. Good thing is that you can control all of them with just one app.

One thing that you have to keep in mind is that you have to pick a plan that will be suitable for you. Of course, In order to meet your needs, you can choose from a variety of plans. So, this is a very good service by Google and if you are thinking to buy a subscription or make your home a smart home then you should surely go for that. We hope that this will help you.

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