How To Setup Contracts For A Virtual Assistant?

how to setup contracts for a virtual assistant

Virtual assistant can help us to grow our business. But there are some things that you have to keep in mind while making a contract for the virtual assistant because of many confidential information. So in this article we will discuss how to setup contracts for a virtual assistant in best ways.

Virtual Assistant in Administration

Virtual Assistant in Administration

In this world, there are many people that are working hard to make their life easy and earn more money. The methods of earning money could be different. Some people do a job to earn money some do freelancing work and many more. Many people are also settling up their business and hiring other people too. These people are working hard to grow fast and many of them are doing so. To benefit their work nowadays people are hiring Virtual assistants that help them to make their work easy and convenient.

So, now we’ll tell you what a virtual assistant actually is.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is basically a remote employee that helps in the administration of your business and works for you. His/her job is mostly part-time and the main thing is that a Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor that works from outside the office. It works for a limited period of time and it is not a full-time employee.

This idea sounds interesting but there are some issues associated with them too. Now we are going to discuss that issues in detail.

Problems with Virtual Assistant

An administration has a piece of very confidential information and sensitive information that should be protected at any cost. When you have access to virtual assistant services then these all things come to mind and that could create a problem for you and for your clients too. But these independent contractors can do great work for your administration too.

So, there are some solutions for this problem that you can do to save your confidential information even after hiring a Virtual assistant.

Things to keep in mind before hiring a Virtual Assistant

Things to keep in mind before hiring a Virtual Assistant

First of all, you should do a background check on the virtual assistant. So you should check his payment term, previous working relationships, independent contractor agreements, and other things.

You can also go to other companies for which that person had worked before and that will help you to know his past working experience better.

Other than that it doesn’t matter how close you both are you should not take any loose steps because an administration has many sensitive pieces of information. Even clients prefer companies where their information and data are safe.

When you will check the background of that person then you will be sure that the assistant has no previous criminal data or other violent records. So, now we can move forward. After that, we come to the main part which is the contract. Now we’ll discuss how to setup contracts for a virtual assistant.

To Learn how to setup contracts for a virtual assistant

Now you have checked the previous data and records of the virtual assistant so, this is time for the contract. The contract is the most important thing and it should be very confidential and all things should be mentioned in that. If some things are missed then it can create a huge problem for your administration. A well-written contract should have 5 things that are a must in that contract. Things like working hours, employee benefits, intellectual properties, and virtual assistant work all need to agree upon.

So, these are the 5 things.

#1.Name and work

1st thing that is most common is the name of the concerned parties. The name of the virtual assistant and documents along with the client will be there. Now, let’s move to the 2nd thing which is very important.

Work that a virtual assistant has to do there. It is a very important thing. You must write it very carefully because it can cause conflict between the client and the assistant. All work should be on paper. If you don’t write everything that can create a problem for you and your assistant can node to work that he should do because that is not in agreement. Now, let’s move to the third thing.

#2. Compensation

This section includes all the payment details and other essential things. Same as work this section is very important. You have to decide the virtual assistant’s salary and the average working hours that he has to work for you. It also includes fee dues and other things related to money. Bonuses are also a part of this section that how much bonus can an assistant expect.

#3. Contract Period

Contract Period

Now that’s the 4th point that should be mentioned in the contract. The contract period defines that for how much minimum time the assistant has to work for you and he can’t leave the job before that decided time. So, it is a very important thing in the contract and also we can extend it if both parties agree to that.

#4. Notice period

If the virtual assistant is planning to leave the job or the client is firing them then they have to inform another party before some time. Notice period defines that if the assistant is leaving the job then he has to tell the client a month or two weeks or any time that is written in the contract. That time is the contract period.


So, these were the main 5 things that a client has to mention in the contract before hiring a virtual assistant. For information security and other things, they have to sign different contracts. You should take legal advice for confidential things. Your legal advisor will help you to attach other documents and contracts for protecting information.

A virtual assistant can really help in growing an administration. You just need to focus on some things. If you focus on these things then you are not going to face any kind of problem in the future.

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