How To Set Up H9 To Receive Midi PC Changes?

How To Set Up H9 To Receive Midi PC Changes

If are you wondering how to set up h9 to receive midi pc changes then this article is helpful for you. Here is how to set up the H9 midi version to recover messages. The midi version is a bit tricky as you can fully customize this. The setup can be done in only one way.

How To Set Up H9 To Receive Midi PC Changes In An Easy Way?

The midi version of the Eventide h9 is very different from its other programs. The H9 midi is a  fully customized version. So you have to customize it according to your needs. You will receive a midi controller in a raw form. It is a new technology that supports many other programs like Microsoft and the iPhone. It is operated with the help of wifi.

So here is the complete tutorial on how to set up h9 to receive midi pc changes. If you are stuck in the setting up process then you are at the right palace.

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Steps To Setup The H9 To Receive Midi PC Messages

Follow these steps to set up your midi menu. Make sure that you do not skip a single step. Because then you have to start with all over gain. So do it very carefully. One wrong click can make you lose your data.

  • First of all, You can open your midi account. Now go into the wheel configuration.
  • Then, you will see an option for a midi setup. Click on that option.
  • You can do booth cc and pc communications using the H9 midi version. If you will choose cc then all the midi controllers will show the options regarding that. All those features are inbuilt by the H9 midi version.
  • Set your emails to a frequency of 127 Hz. Because this is the standard frequency that can be detected by the midi h9.
  • The effectiveness of this setup detects by the program change receiving a map. You can check the speed in this option. And this will tell how fast is your setup and what necessary changes you can do to this.

So this is the whole process that you have to do for the setup process. Beginners can find this a little confusing and difficult. So try to take help from some experienced person. However, if you follow the instructions then you are alone able to do this.

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Accessories of H9

Here is the list of a few functions that work as an accessory for the midi H9. You should know these functions before setting up your setup. So make sure that you read this before setting up your H9 midi for receiving messages.

  • Mapping of expressions is an important feature of h9. you can set it in many ways. Like when you feel like the power is high then you can freeze some of the contents. Just to make sure that nothing damages due to the power supply.
  • The basic functioning of the h9 is very different. It worked on the bases of a support chain. So all the functions are co-related. You won’t face many problems with this.


In conclusion, here is how to set up your H9 midi version to receive messages. The process is a bit tricky. There is only one way to do this setup. all the steps are here. All you have to do is follow these steps with care. You can seek help from an experienced person to do this. This is a complete guide for the setup process. There is a feature of the h9 that makes the setup more effective.

You can customize the work according to your need here. So you own everything. Hope you all will find this helpful.

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