How To Sell On Amazon From Alibaba 2023?

How To Sell On Amazon From Alibaba 2023

In this article, we will discuss how to sell Alibaba products on amazon. Of course, You can use Alibaba to buy products in a bulk and at a cheap price. However, you have to pay the shipping charges and make sure that you double-check the payment address.

All You Need To Know About How To Sell On Amazon From Alibaba

All You Need To Know About How To Sell On Amazon From Alibaba

All the product listings that you see on amazon are not manufactured by the seller. Most of the products are resold by the shoppers here. They purchase these orders in bulk and then sell all of them on amazon. They earn huge profit margins from these products. But the main question that arises here is where they get these products to sell. The most common place where you can find these products in bulk and then resell them on amazon is Alibaba express. Most of you must have heard about this site.

Amazon sellers get these products from Alibaba which is a Chinese site. So, all the orders that you see here are made from china. Many people want to do this but because of a lack of knowledge about shipping and all they can not do this. So, here is the complete guide for how to sell on amazon from Alibaba.

About Alibaba

Alibaba to Amazon FBA is very common these days. Alibaba Web Palace is a dedicated and useful platform for Chinese manufacturers where Chinese manufacturers can wholesale their products and make profits. Since these products come directly from the factory, they come at a cheap price. However, many scams have been reported via Alibaba. But you have to be careful before placing the order. Alibaba permits you to buy different products from different suppliers so you will have thousands of suppliers to choose from. You can buy any product from clothes to electronic items. All types of products are available on the Chinese site Alibaba. Other sites have a problem in that these sites show high-quality product samples but low-quality products come. Alibaba is safe from this scam. You will get what you see. Unless and until the supplier is a scammer.

Is it legal to sell Alibaba products on amazon?

Is it legal to sell Alibaba products on amazon

Alibaba is banned in many countries. So you can not order directly from Alibaba that’s why most people see this as an opportunity. Most of Alibaba’s products come directly from china. If your country does not allow products from Alibaba then you have to give the address of a different country warehouse. Since Alibaba is not in your country, it is probably a great way to profit from reselling many of its products through the Amazon site. We will discuss more from this topic. If your country allows Alibaba then the process is simple. If your country does not allow Alibaba then the process is a bit tricky but not impossible.

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The process to sell Alibaba products on amazon

There are a few simple steps that you can follow to sell Alibaba products on amazon. Make sure that you give it a good read to do all things properly.

Product research

You can not buy everything from Alibaba and resell it on amazon. You have to select your genre. Like if you want to sell clothes then you have to be specific with what type of clothes you will. You can choose the male section or the female section. Then you can also do it more specific. Like, you choose to sell female dresses. Just like this, you have to select your genre first.

Now search for your desired product on Alibaba. You will see many sellers on the site. Compare the prices, try to reach them and talk to them about the prediction. Eliminate the obvious one and then select the final supplier. Make sure that you ask the supplier about past orders just to confirm that he is legal.

Open your account

Now open your account on the Alibaba site. Make sure that you fill in all the necessary information correctly. They will ask about your business so that the site sort lists only that kind of product to you. Double-check the address. Make sure that you add the payment methods. The updated profile picture and all. This will help the seller to know you and your demands better. So this one is the first step when you want to sell on amazon from alibaba.


Paypal logo

You have to pay on Alibaba to get the products. There are many different methods that you can use to pay on Alibaba. But until the payment is confirmed no supplier will supply the products. So you have to talk with the supplier about the payment. If they have the desired payment method then you have to pay via that method. Some of the methods that are commonly used on Alibaba are:

  • Bank transfer
  • Letter of credit
  • Escrow
  • Paypal

Make sure that you use any of these methods before the purchase. So that your purchase does not delay. Paypal is the safest and fastest method of all. Most of the sellers use PayPal to receive payments from international sources. So you can use Paypal. In bank transfer you have to wait for some days only then you will get a confirmation message about the payment.

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Once the products reach you. Then you can resell it on amazon. You have to keep the stock of the products in advance. Because it may take one to get your products from Alibaba. So you have to keep patience. And make sure that you stock your products in advance. Now making a seller account on amazon and agreeing with the tier seller policy is very simple work.

All you have to do is download an amazon seller account and you will be good to go. You have to change the packaging and maybe the product price label. It also depends on what type of product you are selling.

The risk associated with Alibaba products reselling on amazon

The risk associated with Alibaba products reselling on amazon

There are many risk factors associated with reselling from Alibaba. So, consider this risk factors when you want to sell on amazon from Alibaba. You should be prepared for all these. However there are many risks that you can eliminate if you will do your work with focus.

Here is the risk associated with this work.

1) You may receive defective products. Since Alibaba does not have a return policy. So it is suggested that you capture a video of unboxing and send that video to the seller. So that he can add the defeated products in the next batch. Most of the time clothes and electronic items come in defective condition. You can ask your seller to pack the orders safely. Make sure that you keep in contact with the seller until you receive your order.

2) There are many fraud sellers on Alibaba. So make sure that you asked them about past orders and ask them to show proof of the past orders. Make sure that you check for how many times the seller is active on the Alibaba site. You can easily tell if it is a fake account or not. You can also ask them to send pics of the products.

3) If you are buying from an international platform then there are chances that you may not be able to convey the message properly. So, make sure that the language barrier does not interrupt the message that needs to be conveyed.

4) Always cross-check the banking details of the manufacturer. Because there’s always a chance that you pay on some other person. Double-confirm the payment details before paying the manufacturer. Ask them about the received payment message. This way you will remain safe from the fraud manufacturers too.

All these are the risks and how you can avoid these risks. If you are doing this for the first time then you will find it hard to believe the manufacturer at first. But you have to keep some trust in the process.

Tips to select products from Alibaba

If you want this amazon selling business to run then you have to choose the right product to sell. That product is the base of your business. So if you have your base strong then you can conquer anything. Make sure that you research the market. Choose something that never goes off-trend. Your product must be durable so that more people purchase from you. Make sure that you set your product’s price that is acceptable. All these things are very common but these things will affect your business a lot.


In conclusion, here is how you can sell products from Alibaba on amazon. The process is simple. But make sure that you consider all the above-mentioned factors. One mistake will make you lose your money.

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