How To Seed Video – 2024 Help Guide

How To Seed Video - 2024 Help Guide is one of the platforms that allow its users to share gay-related content. Gay-related content comes under offensive content. And it is very hard to share a video on this topic. It allows us to share this type of content but how to seed video as a first-time user. It is easy to get confused in the process and not find the right way.

But we are here to help you in this situation with the gay torrent. And all you have to do this follow these instructions. And your work on gay torrent will be done in no time. 

So what is the actual process of how to seed video

Let’s dive into the step-by-step process of seeding videos from this platform. Make sure to follow every step as it is. Because as a first-timer, the chances of getting confused are high. 

  1. The first step will be opening this platform. You can easily open the gay torrent site on your PC.
  2. For the next step, you have to click on the top left corner. You will see an option saying “file”. Now a drop-down menu will appear and you will select an option saying “Create new torrent”. 
  3. Now a box will appear and you will click on the add files option on this. As soon as you click on this option the videos of the website will appear. These files include both videos and pictures. Now select your desired videos.
  4. After opening the file you have to click on the option saying “create a new torrent. And your link will be ready. You can save this torrent on your desktop or you can share it with your friends and partner.

So the whole process is very simple and you have to follow these steps to get this thing done in the right way.

Which type of files are banned on

This torrent helps you to share gay content. However, there are certain limitations of this platform. Certain types of files are not allowed on this torrent. So if you try to share those files with a gay torrent then it will not happen.

Here is the list of those types of files.

  1. Videos and pictures that contain child pornography.
  2. If the torrent is being used for advertisement purposes.
  3. It is a third-party copyright is involved in the video or any content.
  4. If the content is supporting harm and showing the social disasters a good thing.

So all these types of content are banned on this platform. and it is very easy to recognize this type of content. 

Terms and conditions to use

There are a few very basic terms and conditions to use this torrent. So if you are thinking about using this then you have to keep these things in mind.

  1. You must be 18 plus to access this torrent site. Remember in some countries the legal age to access this content is 21.
  2. The content that you are downloading from this torrent should not be explicit about the legal rules of your country and region.
  3. You have to ensure that you will use the downloaded matter for yourself only. And no minor will be involved in the sharing and the downloading process.
  4. Also, you will not try to download the banned content from this torrent. If you will try to do this then your account might get blocked with a few warnings.
  5. If you will try to create multiple accounts on this platform then it comes under the rules violation. And there are high chance that all of your accounts will be removed.


Here is the information about how to seed video The process is not tough. However, a beginner might get confused because of the confusing interface of this website. It is important to work under the rules and regulations of this site.

Otherwise, your accounts will be banned from this platform. All the important rules and considerations of this website are given here. So if you are thinking about using this torrent then make sure to read this.

This will help you to know more about the content that is present on this website. This was all the instructions for how to seed video

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