To Learn How to See Who Liked Your Playlist on Spotify

To Learn How to See Who Liked Your Playlist on Spotify?

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If you’re a Spotify user, and you’ve made an account that is the public playlist, and now wondering on a similar kind of question – How can I see who liked my playlist on Spotify? Where can I see my Playlist Followers?

You’re at the right place, sorry webpage.

If  You Want To Know How To See Who Liked Your Playlist on Spotify?

If you have created an excellent playlist and have started getting likes and your inquisitive nature, do you want to see who the people who liked my playlist are?

Unfortunately, on Spotify, you can’t see who liked your playlist. The Spotify Development Team has cleared that there isn’t any significant discussion to introduce this feature (or) to implement this in the future.

So, what should you do?

So, here are some methods to predict who liked your public playlist. And last, what can you do to implement this feature.

#1. See Your Spotify Account Followers

This method will help you identify who liked your playlist, but you can doubt its accuracy.

Please note that for your Spotify Application, you cannot able to see who followed your playlist. On the other hand,  you can able to see the details of who followed your Spotify account.

Follow the Step by Step Instructions that help to view your Spotify Associated Account Followers without any hesitation.

  • First of all, you can open the Spotify application
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on View Your Profile
  • Tap on Followers

Here, in your Spotify App you can see your Spotify Account Follower

So, this is how you can see your Spotify Account Followers. If you are using Spotify for a while, you are well aware that you cannot see the name of the person who follows your playlist.

But you can find his name or Spotify Account by prediction. If someone followed your playlist and your account, you could predict who followed your playlist in a short time or recently.

You can see who liked your playlist on Spotify by going to a follower list. There is a high chance that someone from your follower list has liked your playlist; unfortunately, until now, Spotify hasn’t introduced a feature to see who liked your playlist directly.

#2. People Who Follow Your Playlist

If you are trying to find if a person you know follows your playlist or not, this trick is helpful.
In Spotify App, you can select that you want to show your playlist publically or not. By default, this is off, but Spotify users can turn it on manually.
If any Spotify user turns it on, you can see all the playlists they follow. This trick is useful in case you’d like to check if whether certain people have been following the playlist or not. Just Go to their profile & scroll down; they might be on these default settings.

#3. What More You Can Do

As I said earlier Spotify Development Team is not planning to implement this feature; related to this, Spotify has some cool features.
Spotify has a Spotify Online Community, in which Spotify Users suggest some changes to Spotify. In this community, the Spotify team replies to your query, and if your suggestion gets the maximum number of likes, you can probably see who liked your Spotify playlist in the new update.

If you cast your vote may Spotify will bring feature to directly see who liked your Spotify playlist

So, there is a page where you can vote for this feature –

Vote for this update on this page – Cast Your Vote


This is the only thing you can do to see who liked your playlist. However, shortly, Spotify can bring this in its update. So, these are the only thing you can do to see who liked, however in some other music apps; you can see who liked your playlist.

I hope you find this webpage helpful!

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