How To Ruin An Engine Without Evidence?

How To Ruin An Engine Without Evidence

Here is how you can destroy an engine without leaving a single trace. If you want to know how to ruin an engine without evidence then you are come to the right place. If you will follow these tricks then the engine will not only damage but in most cases the replacement is the only option. So make sure that you follow all these methods carefully.

Want to Know How To Ruin An Engine Without Evidence?

You can destroy an engine in different ways. Many ways will leave no evidence of the damage. There are some obvious ways like messing with the fuel system and all. But there are many hidden ways to do this. You will be able to destroy the engine and no one will know that it was intentional. So you can destroy a car engine at any time.

Here is the guide for how to ruin an engine without evidence. If you are looking for the solution to this problem then you are at the right place. Here are some verified ways to ruin your engine without leaving a single trace.

#1. Use The Gas Tank

Everyone knows that gasoline is the only product that goes inside the gas tank. And anything behind the gasoline will make the gas tank clog. Which in turn damages the whole engine.

There are a variety of ways that you can use the gas tank. One of the most common things is putting sugar in a gas tank. This will clog the gas tank the fastest.

A gas tank can ruin the engine fastest and you can put anything in the gas tank and it will clog. So most of the people put things in a gas tank. This is the most common method that you can use.

#2. Put Bleach

There are numerous ways to ruin the engine through gas tanks. But adding bleach will ensure you that it will never work back. Once you put bleach in the gasoline tank then the car’s engine will work fine for a few miles but then it will stop working.

Bleach has chlorine in it. And this chlorine can damage various parts of the engine very quickly. The only way that your engine will work is by removing the gasoline and cleaning that out well. And this can not be done at home because there is a chance for more damage.

#3. Use Water In The Fuel System

Fill the water instead of petrol or diesel in the tank. All these car fuels have lubricant inside which makes the pistons bend easily. When the pistons bend the engine runs. But if you add water it will make the engine piston move hard. And they will break after some time.

This will cause serious engine damage. Make sure that you do not use much water otherwise, you can get caught. You can use half water and half petrol for this purpose. Because too much water in the fuel tank can be detected easily.

#4. Use Hydrogen Peroxide

There are fuels available in the market that have hydrogen peroxide in them. A small amount of this chemical is also present in the fuels but it causes no trouble. As it is present in a small amount of fuel.

But if you use this in large amounts then it will start to dissolve in it. Which in turn damages the engine. This might take some time as the process is slow. But it will leave no trace and engine replacement is the only option to start the car again.

#5. Use Soft Drinks

If you want a little damage to the engine then you can use it in small amounts. The engine will not be too much but the car faces some problems while driving. It will stop automatically while running and all.

But if you want to damage it completely then make sure that you use the soft drink in large amounts. No car engine can process the soft drinks in its system. Soft drinks have a high amount of sugar that clogs the engine system and make them stop working.

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Another Method To Damage The Engine

If you want to damage the engine slowly then there is another method. Turn the ignition but do not drive the car. Keep it on for several hours and it will automatically stop working.

You have to repeat the same process for weeks. In the beginning, the car will face the lag problem and the battery problem. But if you keep doing this then the engine will start stopping. And it will stop completely slowly.

This process will take time but no one will ever guess the reason behind this. If you find the car alone for a longer time then you can do this. Because there are still some risks associated with other factors. But in this, no one will find out what has happened with the engine.

The Most Dangerous Thing To Destroy The Engine

Above all bleach is the most dangerous thing to destroy the engine. There are still some chances of the survival of the engine. But bleach will complementarity destroy the engine in a short amount of time.

The bleach can be set in the lower part of the fuel tank. Hence it will set in the different parts of the engine well. And make the chlorine reach with the metal.

If you destroy the engine with chlorine then not only does the car owner have to do the engine replacement but it will also damage the other neighbor parts.

Cost Of Engine Replacement

The engineer’s replacement cost demons on the car model and the engine type. It can vary from person to person. But talking about an average price for the replacement. Then you can replace the car engine for about $900 to $2500.

There are certain choices that you have to make and also the labor cost is not included in this price. This price is only for the new engine.


In conclusion, here is how you can destroy an engine without leaving any trace. All these methods are 100% effective. And none of the above methods will fail for you.

Just keep making sure that you do it safely and leave no trace around the fuel tank. Otherwise, things will become obvious to everyone. This will serve as a complete guide for you to ruin an engine without evidence.

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