How to respond to a recruiter on LinkedIn?

How to respond to a recruiter on LinkedIn

If you are looking through websites to get a suitable answer on how to respond to a recruiter on LinkedIn, this blog will help you frame your answers. Whether you are a newbie in your profession or an experienced one, replying to recruiters on LinkedIn can be nerve-wracking. When you talk to your manager, it’s best to prepare ahead of time, otherwise, it might cause you a lot of trouble. As a result, today I’m going to walk you through the entire process of responding to a recruiter on LinkedIn.

How to respond to a recruiter on LinkedIn when you’re offered a job?

How to respond to a recruiter on LinkedIn when you're offered a job

Nowadays, getting in contact with and conversing between a job recruiter and a job seeker has become an easier task for these job search platforms. LinkedIn is one of them. Recruiters or hiring managers use LinkedIn to find suitable job candidates and post job openings. You can send direct messages to each other without any hindrance. It feels good when a recruiter reaches out to you with a job opportunity via message, LinkedIn InMail, or email address. There are times when recruiters contact you with job postings and it is very important for you to respond to them as soon as possible. If you do this, he/she is more likely to hire you for this job. But keep in mind that it’s not your usual chat room where you can use informal language or send frequent messages. Here are your possible response to a recruiter’s message on LinkedIn.

If you’re interested in that job?

As a job seeker, if you have a LinkedIn account, there are chances for recruiters to message you through InMail or email, and you may feel interested, then respond to the recruiter with:

1) Appreciation message

Your initial response to your recruiter or hiring manager will be a “thank you” or appreciation message to show your gratitude for taking the time and reaching out to you with the job opportunity. Add to it that you would love to hear more about the job. Always be humble, not only as a person but also in your words.

2) Display your abilities

Chances are that they have not gone through your resume in detail. So, in the message, describe your skills for the job and your experience managing various projects.

3) Tone of voice

Along with skills, knowledge, and talent, one’s personality is defined by how one interacts with others. As a professional, you must possess a professional tone, whether in speaking or writing, at your workplace. Use formal language and be aware of not using slang or abbreviations. Your writing should be short, clear, crisp, and to the point.

4) Do a background check

Even though LinkedIn is a trusted job site, it’s not wrong to be cautious of scammers. There are many fraudsters in the market. Be sure that the company mentioned by the recruiter is valid and true.

5) Ask related questions

Don’t just sit there and respond to their questions. Try to ask questions of your own related to the job role. It’s a good idea to ask questions, So you can make a good impression on the hiring manager. Thus, the recruiter will also like to continue the conversation.

6) If they prefer a phone call

Recruiters can also prefer to talk over the phone about the job details. In that case, give your contact information and a range of dates for your availability.

7) Your final impression

If everything goes well and you are satisfied with their offer, then submit your resume for a further interview. Always remember that making a good impression can lead to more connections and future opportunities. So for that, try to leave a good impression on the recruiter and make them aware of your professionalism.

if you’re not interested?

Not intrested job position

There will be situations when the offered job on LinkedIn is not to your liking; In those cases, respond to the recruiter in a decent manner. If you don’t want to join this job position, you can formally say no and decline. Tell them that you are grateful but the job role is not of your interest but will reach out if any positions pique your interest in the future. And if you’re on the job, state that you’re satisfied with your current job and company. While you’re at it, ask them if you can refer someone for the current job position. In this way, you will come across as a professional to them, and your connection will grow simultaneously.

How to respond to a recruiter on LinkedIn if interested but in a different job role?

If the recruiter’s offered job role is not what you are looking for, you can ask them about other job opportunities that the company may have. Explain in your response why you prefer alternative roles inside the company when job role on LinkedIn isn’t what you desire. Inquire about any open positions in that particular job and see what they can offer you, as well as demonstrate that you have the necessary skills, abilities, and experience to demand that position. Send them your resume to make it more approachable. It may turn out to be a good chance to gain the recruiter’s recognition for future job openings.

How soon should I reply to the recruiter?

How soon should I reply to the recruiter

When the recruiter sends you a message regarding job openings on LinkedIn or any other website, try to respond within two days, but be as quick as possible. If you are on the job hunt, it’s good to stay updated on your LinkedIn account’s InMail or email on a regular basis. Keep in mind to frame out your answers and questions beforehand to avoid any further mistakes. You can also write it down on paper on a notepad to look into it while you have a conversation with the recruiter or hiring manager. Therefore, you won’t feel anxious or get nervous and miss your chance.

How long should you wait to hear from a recruiter?

Usually, you have to wait for a maximum of 2 weeks to get any further feedback from the recruiter. If you don’t hear anything from them within this period of time, then send a follow-up message to inquire about the news.

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