How To Reset Crucible Tree POE {A Guide}

How To Reset Crucible Tree POE {A Guide}

Path of Exile is one of the most popular games now. It creates many levels for the players. Hence allow them to challenge themselves with the world of gaming. One such level is the crucible tree. This tree allows them to customize the character in their own way. Here is the guide about how to reset crucible tree POE. In this journey, you will gain new weapons and skills.

These skills will benefit your character in the longterm. If you have explored this tree enough and want to reset it, the process is a little complicated. But you are at the right place for the information. So you will learn more and more about these.

Basics About Crucible Tree

Before diving into the resetting process, one must understand the basics of crucible trees. This tree is like a skill tree. It gives access to various powers and abilities to the players. These increases the chances of flexibility and stability in the player’s character.

However when you go in-depth into the POE game then you will understand that these abilities do not align with the character. Hence the need to reset this tree arises. So this is how you know when you should reset the characters.

When You Should Reset The Crucible Tree?

There are various reasons to reset this tree. There could be some personal reasons to resetter crucible trees. Unlike the regular passive skill tree, the Crucible Tree focuses on specific enhancements tailored to your character’s needs, offering a more targeted approach to character development.

Tips For Effective Resetting

Plan Ahead

Ahead using Balls of Remorse, plan your new Crucible Tree allocation. Use offline skill tree itineraries or tools available online to trial with different shapes.

Prioritize Important Bumps

Identify the crucial bumps in your new figure and allocate points to them first. This ensures that your character maintains essential capacities and lagniappes. 

Trial & Learn

Do not be hysterical to trial with different shapes in the crucial tree of POE. The inflexibility handed by the Crucible Tree allows for creative and unique character development. 

Consider External Factors

Take into account other aspects of your character, similar to gear and gems, when resetting your Crucible Tree. A well-rounded approach ensures community between all rudiments of your character. 

Steps For How To Reset The Crucible Tree POE

Here are the steps that you have to follow to reset this tree. If you are doing this for the first time then make sure that you do not skip any single step.

  1. The first step in this process is to reach the NPC in the game. Tsauni offers to reset the crucible tree. But you have to give an orb of scouring.
  2. Now you have to choose the nodes that you want to change in this resetting process. it is very crucial. Make sure that you choose the desired ones only.
  3. After making the conscious decision you have to ensure that the features and powers that you want are best for your character. Confirm your selections, some crucible points will be deducted in this process. But these coins will be refunded.


In conclusion, here is how to reset the crucible tree POE. The process is not easy especially if you are doing it for the first time. This guide will help u to go through this process. The choice to reset this tree can be many. One of the biggest reasons is to acquire new powers for the characters.

Because with time you discover new abilities of your character. So it’s important to understand the character first. so try to know more through this guide to resetting the crucial tree.

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