How to report a YouTube video that you find offensive or breaking rule

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YouTube is a popularly used video streaming platform for users since 2005. This platform is popularly used by millions of people to show their creativity. However, it does not permit you to upload content that can violate its community guidelines and policies. If you find YouTube videos violating its policies, you are a few clicks away from reporting YouTube videos. This article gives you a brief insight on the steps to report a video or channel, flagging inappropriate content, and various other reporting options.

If you find a channel then upload inappropriate content that violates the guidelines laid by YouTube then YouTube gives you the right to report a channel. However, reporting a channel can hurt video uploaders but on the bigger picture, it will help the community. You can report a video with inappropriate or illegal content as well as you can report a channel posting illegal content.

Steps to report a YouTube Channel from your PC?

Follow the below steps to report channel from the computer-

1) Firstly, you can your favorite web browser on your appropriate PC or Laptop.

Web browsers on PC

2) The next thing is you can go to the search bar, and then type website address.


3) Please note that if you are opening YouTube for the first time, sign in to your youtube associated Google account first.

Youtube Google Sign In Account

4) In the search bar of YouTube type the name of the channel you want to report.

5) Once you got the search result, click on the channel name which will be available in any of its videos.

Sample Youtube Channel

6) Now tap on “About”.

7) Then, you can click on the Flag sign that is under the channel stats.

8) Now when you will click on it a drop-down list will appear, click on “Report User”.

YouTube Channel Report User option Screen

9) Now out of a list of reporting options, you can select your reasons. Click on Next.

List of reporting reasons for youtube videos screen

10) Next, you will have to fill up a form giving more details and complete the complaint process.

Fill the complaint field screen

11) All you have done then the final step is you can click on the “Submit” button.

Submit button

Now keep in mind that YouTube won’t take off the channel directly. Reported or flag content will be thoroughly reviewed and in case of any violation, the YouTube channel of the person can be suspended.

Steps to report a YouTube Channel from Mobile?

A lot of us prefer to use YouTube on our mobile phones. Of course, You can able to report a YT channel on mobile by following the below steps.

1) Open YouTube on your phone.

Youtube application on mobile

2) Then, Search YouTube channel that has inappropriate content.

Search sample youtube channel screenshot

3) From this YT top right corner, you can tap on that small three-dot icon.

Theree dot icon in YT top right corner

4) Then, you can choose the “Report user” option.

Report User option

5) Now you need to fill up a form and click submit.

Report User and detailed information fillup form

6) Your complaint will be registered and soon YouTube staff will review it and necessary action will be taken from their side.

Steps to report a YouTube video from PC?

The steps to report a YouTube video from your computer are given below.

1) Rom your browser search for “”.

2) In the search bar of YouTube find videos with offensive content.

Youtube sample video loading screen

3) Below the appropriate video, on the right-hand side, you will find three dots icon and click on them.

4) Then, Choose the “Report” option here.

Youtube video report option

5) There will be a list of reasons for reporting a video. Choose the one that suits your complaint and tap on “Next”.

Choose the reason why want to report video screen

6) Now you have to provide the details of the complaint and choose “Report”.

Details of the complaint textbox and report button

7) YouTube reviews the flag content 24*7. In case it violates any community guidelines this may result in penalty or termination of YouTube account.

Steps to report a YouTube video from mobile?

Follow the below steps that help to report any kind of video easily from your mobile device-

1) First of all, you can open the YouTube application from your smartphone and then find the exact video that you really want to report.

2) Then, Open that video.

3) Afterward, you can click to play the video and make sure once you selected the correct video.

Youtube sample video play

4) From this top right corner, you can click on the three dots icon and then choose the “report” option here.

Youtube video report option on mobile

5) Identify the reason for reporting a video from the list that appears and hit on “report”.

Reason for reporting video screen on mobile

Of course, YouTube is very much vigilant in filtering out videos that violate community guidelines. It also restricts your people below 18 from watching certain content. However, we have to report youtube videos that can be misleading and contain inappropriate content. Reporting such content will make sure that it is safe for others and they can continue surfing YouTube. If you have gone through this article, then you know exactly what step needs to take or an inappropriate video or content on YouTube.

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