How To Remove The E38 BMW Airbag Light On?

How To Remove The E38 BMW Airbag Light On

Here is how you can turn off the airbag e38 light indicator in BMW. This feature is only present in BMW so there are not many solutions available. Are you don’t know how to remove the e38 BMW airbag light on? Here is the complete guide for you to turn off this system.

To Learn How To Remove The E38 BMW Airbag Light From The Car

Many things in the car can trigger the airbag light on in BMW. It is alarming. Because the driver kept thinking that something was wrong with the car. And the airbags are opening soon. So most people want to remove the e38 BMW airbags. The process to remove the airbag sensors is relatively easy. Yet people find this very difficult. So here is the tutorial for how to remove the airbag warning light.

If you want to do the same then read till the end. And if you are a beginner then take help from an experienced person.

What Is The Meaning Of An Airbag Light?

The airbag control module light is present only in the e38 bmw. It is a new feature. It indicated light when the airbag system of the car is activated. And the system is activated only when there is a fault in the system.

Sometimes a tiny disturbance in the system triggers the airbag which in turn on the light system. So it becomes very tough for the drivers to drive. However, it is for the safety of the driver but it feels like an unnecessary load on the car. The best thing is that you can turn this off.


What Triggers The Airbag Light To Turn On?

Talking about the airbag light turn-on factors, There are only two main factors. But these two factors are related to the whole system of the car. If your car temperature or any part of the system temperature rises and falls suddenly. Then the car sensor takes it as a warning and turns it on the airbag light system.

That’s why it is advised to take the car to room temperature before turning on its engine. Otherwise, the warning sign will pop off. And it doesn’t work if you have entered any extreme weather condition zone. The whole temperature is the inside temperature of the car.

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Signs Of Airbag Light Damage

Some obvious signs can tell you the fault in the airbag light. If your airbag light is kept turning on then it shows the damage in any of the sensors. There are two sensors in the air one is located on the right and the other on the left. So you have to remove sensors to get rid of this problem.

If you are seeing the light even after resetting the airbag light. They consider it a sign to remove the airbag light. So these are some obvious signs of sensor damage. If the sensor is damaged then you will see the airbag light anytime. So the only option left there is to remove the sensor.

How To Turn Off The Airbag Light On The Car Dashboard?

Here is what you can do to fix the issue. Make sure that you check for all kinds of abnormalities in the car. Because if you do not check properly then you can lead your car towards the damage. Now after checking all the parts properly it is time to turn off the airbag light.

  • Sometimes the fuse blows and the light keeps turning on. So first replace the fuse in your car and check if the problem persists.
  • If the light is still turning on then this is the problem with the sensors. Replace your sensors that are the only option to get rid of this problem.

Remember you can not fully remove this feature from the car. Because this is an inbuilt feature that governs by the sensors. So, you can try to replace all the sensors and then for sure you will get rid of this problem. You can take your car to the new mechanical store to replace your sensors.

Tips To Permanently Turn Off The Airbag Light Indicator

There is only one way to permanently stop the airbag light indicator. That is to cut off the power supply of this indicator. For this, you have to check the inside wiring of your car. As soon as you will find the wire that is connected to the light indicator. All you need to do is cut that wire with scissors. The power supply will be permanently cut and you will no longer see this warning in your dashboard.

What Are The Benefits Of The Airbag Light Indicator?

There are many benefits of the light indicator. If it is not broken then it will help you in many ways. The light indicator will tell you that there is some damage to the internal system. You can check for the many factors that will damage the system. So you can save your vehicle from damage. Also if you will speed the car then it will also tell you to lower the speed. So there are many different benefits of the airbag light indicator.


In conclusion, here is how to turn off the light indicator of the airbag in e38 BMW. Since this feature is only present in the BMW. So not many option solutions are available. Here is the complete guide for you to permanently turn off the airbag indicator in your car. If you are facing a problem then you can follow this guide. You can also take help from some experienced person to detect the problem in your car. This is a very easy tutorial and even a beginner can understand this. All you need to have is some basic knowledge of the parts of the car. Hope you understand how to remove the E38 BMW airbag light on from this article.

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