How To Relight Pilot Light On Furnace In 4 Easy Ways

How To Relight Pilot Light On Furnace In 4 Easy Ways

Heating systems are essential for homes but if you have an old furnace then dealing with the pilot light issue will not be new for you. Because this issue is very common in these furnaces. But there is no need to call the mechanic every time you face this issue. Here we will help you with how to relight pilot light on furnace. The pilot light is essential because it is the main source of the furnace. And keep the heat in the furnace. It should be lighted every time you use the furnace.

When the light is not showing, It means the furnace is not working properly and there are very small and basic things that can be done to relight the pilot light on the furnace.

How To Relight Pilot Light On Furnace in a Very Easy Way

Relighting your furnace is very easy. All you need to do is just try the below tricks. These tricks will work and your pilot light will relight in no time. However, If the issue continues even after trying all these ways then you should call the mechanic to repair the pilot light.

#1. Clean the Pilot Orifice

Sometimes the residue accumulates in the orifice of the pilot. This led to the damage of the pilot light. So when you will clean this orifice the pilot light will relight. And this is the main cause for most of the pilot lights to turn off. Regular cleaning should be done to avoid having this problem in the future.

#2. Hindered Gas Supply

Sometimes the gas supply is hindered and then the pilot light turns off. So make sure that your pilot light is receiving enough gas. As soon as the amount of gas decreases the pilot light will start to dim. Ensuring an uninterrupted gas supply is essential for the pilot light.

#3. Restart the Furnace

Turn off your furnace and restart after waiting for a few minutes. This will help the pilot light to relight. And if the pilot light is turned off due to minor issues then it will relight as soon as you restart the furnace. Even if you are not having any issues switching your pilot light, you should at least restart the furnace once a month.

#4. Deal With the Pilot Control Knob

You can try resetting the pilot control knob. For this, you have to ensure that the gas supply to the pilot light is turned off. This is good for your safety. Now turn the pilot light knob to the pilot mode. And press the knob and you will hear the gas flow into the pilot light.

While holding the knob use a lighter to light the pilot light. This is just to ensure that now pilot light is working. Even if the pilot light turns on ensure that you keep pressing the knob for 30 more seconds.

I hope you understand this problem and find the solutions for how to relight the pilot light on the furnace while reading the above tricks.

Common Issues Of The Furnace That Cause Pilot Light Issues

Here is a list of some common issues that can cause the pilot light problem. If you will avoid these things from happening then you can save yourself from the pilot light damage. These issues are common in almost every furnace.

  • Gas supply issues
  • Thermocouple malfunction is very common
  • Clogged pilot orifice 
  • If gas pressure decreases and increases then it directly affects the pilot light.

It is essential to address the issue first. Because If you will not know the issue then you will not be able to solve the problem. And do not try to open the furnace all by yourself. Because If any wire and supply disturbs then you will have to deal with other issues.


Here we have discussed how to relight pilot light on furnace. A few minor issues can cause the furnace light to turn off. However, you should not be stressed about this because it is very common and happens with most of the old furnaces. Use these tricks to solve your problem and ensure the cleaning of your furnace. Regular cleaning will help the pilot light to receive proper gas for the ignition.

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