How To Register A Trailer Without Title {A Guide}

How To Register A Trailer Without Title {A Guide}

There are various ways to get a trailer. You can purchase this, inherit this and if you are lucky then you can find this on your own. But without registration keeping a trailer can be risky. So here is the guide on how to register a trailer without a title. There are various conditions required to register the trailer.

But if you do not have the title of the tailor then it can be hard to register. But this task is not impossible. You can do this with some effort. This way is legal too. It just requires a few more efforts.

Where To Register the Trailer Without the Title?

  • You have to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of your state.
  • Here you will submit all your documents along with the ID proof and one application.
  • You will receive this application from the motor department. And then you will make them do a security check.
  • This will ensure that it is fit to run on the roads. Even if the trailer is new you have to go through the security check. Because it is part of the process.
  • If everything is ok then your trailer will register with the Department of Motor Vehicle.

Tips For How To Register A Trailer Without A Title

Here are some tips that can be used for this process. Make sure to follow all to get the best possible results. In situations where you cannot obtain a title for the trailer, some states allow you to secure a surety bond as a form of financial guarantee.

A surety bond is essentially an agreement between you, the trailer owner, and a bonding company. If any legal issues arise regarding the trailer’s title in the future, the bonding company assumes financial responsibility. The bond amount is usually based on the appraised value of the trailer.

How To Request For the Bonded Title To Register the Trailer?

  • If you opted for a surety bond, submit the bond paperwork along with your registration application. The DMV will then issue a bonded title for your trailer.
  • Keep in mind that a bonded title may have certain restrictions, such as a waiting period, during which potential claims can be made against the bond.

Documents Required To Register the Trailer Without Title

Here is the list of documents that you will need to manage for this registration process. If you are not able to arrange these then the chances will be that your registration process will delay or stop. With these, you can register the trailer. 

  • At first, you will need to verify the ownership to you. If you are purchasing then the motor dealer will give you this.
  • Next will be the certificate of origin. This will have the details regarding your vehicle’s origin brand model and all.
  •  Every vehicle has its vehicle identification number. And this number is visible on every vehicle. You will need to verify this number during the registration process.
  • After completing all these documents, you have to visit the DMV department. Then fill out the application form submit all these and apply for registration.


In conclusion, here is all the information you need if you don’t know how to register a trailer without a title. There are ways to get the title. But there is no time limit for this. So you have to keep some patience to get the title.

However, you can pay the fee to get the registration without the title. There is only one way to register without a title. To run the vehicle on the road the registration process is necessary otherwise you will get caught. Hope you all will find this helpful. 

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