What’s Reddit?

Reddit is the best web-based media stage in which users put up posts that different users upvote or downvote. This is primarily based totally on their hobby or correctness of the put up or records provided.

It is mainly categorized as Sub-Community and Subreddit. which are created by the users on various topics such as technology, history, space research, even a single joke.

Why Crosspost? – Simple, Educate Someone!

Crossposting is sharing media or information from one location to one or more locations. So that it reaches more people or a broader audience.  Crossposting in Reddit is more like sharing content to the desired subreddit under which it is discussed. The subreddit serves as a kind of forum. An original post or a crosspost will either get upvoted or downvoted which affects the Karma of the user. A post with more downvotes disappears from the feed. Though users can buy Reddit followers on Increditools, crossposting is also helpful to enhance their reach.

Things you should care for…

When crossposting, never pretend to be the original creator. Just recommend the creator that they crosspost themselves wherever you want. Or add a crosspost indicator when you put it under a subreddit.

How To Crosspost On Reddit?

To crosspost, open on your pc or mac device with the preferred Internet Browser.

First of all, you should Log In to your Reddit account.

After that, you can click on the ‘Login’ button or link that belong to the top right corner of the Reddit page.

Next, you can enter the Username that is set when you created the account.

Then, you can type your password and tap on ‘Log In’.

This opens your Reddit homepage.

Your Reddit homepage is fed by the ‘top posts’ of your subscriptions.

Of course, the homepage randomly chooses the 50 of your subreddits. This will happen every 30 minutes.

You can crosspost from the front page or a subreddit.

Now, for doing, you will have to determine which post you want to crosspost.

You can crosspost a media file or a message from the homepage or a community or a subreddit.

Every post will have a ‘Share’ button at the bottom of the content.

After selecting the original post, click on the ‘Share’ button available below the particular post.

Now, you get a dropdown menu listing. This consists of options like ‘copy link’, ‘crosspost’, embed, etc.

Select the ‘Crosspost’ option from it.

How do I do?

Then the page proceeds to a search bar which will ask you to select a community under which you want to crosspost the original content.

One can either choose to add a new title to the crosspost created or can opt to use the original title itself.

If you want to add a new title, type it and then proceed to select community, or if you wish to use the original title, just skip the step to select community.

Use the scroll button to find the required community page or just type the desired community in the search bar and select it by just clicking on it when the name appears in the box.

Now the location where you want to crosspost is selected.

Develop the habit of mentioning that it is the crosspost by using some notations along with the title.

(For Example, Xpost from r/whatever). Now, the crosspost is ready to be posted in the desired location. i.e., community/subreddit. Just click the ‘Post’ button under the created crosspost.

The page will now refresh to show the created crosspost. And yes, you have successfully created a crosspost.

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