How To Recover Deleted Call History [Android/ IOS]

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Welcome reader!. This brief yet informative article covers what you need to do in case you have lost your call history. Here is your chance to follow along with a cup of coffee.

Of course, There is no doubt that Call History is an important feature for every iPhone/android user. Moreover, It’s vital to have a systematic record of all the phone calls we make and receive. Thus, it’s a bother to unexpectedly lose them. One might often forget to save a number, call someone back or check on missed calls. And call history on android or Ios is the saviour in such a situation.

In most cases, call logs are accidentally deleted by the user. But even if the logs disappeared out of the blue, it is possible to recover the lost data. So relax! The numbers you so urgently need are not lost forever. Further, these methods do not require a PC or a laptop to work.

That’s right, you can do them on your mobile phone itself! Here is a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to recover deleted call history without getting any trouble is needed!

How To Recover Deleted Call History on both Android/IOS

Recovering Deleted Call Logs Through Google Sync (Android):

If your email account is synced with your contacts, you can recover deleted call logs straight from through your Google app! The process is neither time-consuming nor difficult to do. Follow these steps to easily retrieve your deleted call logs without the use of a computer or a laptop!

1) Go to Settings>Google.

Android phone settings-> google option

2) Then, you can select the “Settings for Google app” option.

Android "Settings for google app" screen

3) Click on “Google Contacts Sync”.

Google Contacts Sync option screen

4) Next, click on – you will be redirected to a Google page containing all of your current contacts. current contacts lost screen

5) Now, click on the three-dot/line option at the top left of your android mobile screen.

Three dot line android mobile screen

6) You can proceed to select the Bin/Trash option. Of course, All of your deleted contacts in the last 30 days will be available for you to recover right here!

Android google contacts app bin button screen

And with that, all your deleted records in the last 30 days are back! Remember, establishing a Google Contacts Sync with your email works effectively as a backup and as a recovery tool!

Recovering lost call history through Itunes (iPhone):

Your Apple device frequently backs up your contacts to iCloud. This way, all your call logs are stored automatically. If you have lost your call history and are looking to get it back on an iPhone, follow these steps to get them back.

To start off, you need to confirm whether a backup is available on your iOS or not. To do this, simply

1) In the same manner, Go to Settings.

2) Then, Click on your name.

iPhone Name screen

3) Next, you can select the iCloud option. It is very crucial to turn on all the app services you want backing up in the cloud.

IPhone Icloud option in settings ios screen

4) Select the “Backups” option. Now you can check whether or not a backup is available, and when it was created.

Google Cloud Backup option

Want to recover already deleted call history on your iPhone?

1) Go to Settings > General.

iPhone settings-> general screen

2) Then, Go to the “Reset” option.

Transfer or reset iPhone option

3) And after you can select the “Erase All Content” option.

iphone selection for "Erase All Content and Settings" option

4) After Resetting your iPhone, you can go through the necessary procedures required.

5) You will find yourself facing the “App and Data” screen. Select “Restore from iCloud Backup.”

iPhone "Restore from iCloud Backup" option screen

After all the steps are completed, you will find your deleted call history is right in your Recent calls. Again, it is highly advised to cross-check the availability of an iCloud Backup before following these steps.

And there you have it, two easy ways to restore your deleted call history on both Android and iOS! Most technological concerns are solvable on one’s own. We hope this article helped!

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