How To Recharge a Puff Bar Plus- Easy Guide

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In this article, I’ll share with you how to recharge a puff bar plus. This article will also cover how to refill a puff bar plus easily. Puff bars are very popular and have significant usages among users of e-cigarettes and other electronic smoke devices.

To Learn How To Recharge a Puff Bar Plus?

Step-1: Grab a plier to disassemble the puff plus.

Step-2: Take your puff bar plus, And clamp down on the top and twist it, and pull up now. Doing this will remove the head of the puff.

Puff bar plus clamp down the top image

Step-3: Again get your hand on a plier and go on into the clampdown, And pull the rubber out.

Pull the rubber out

Step-4: Once you have disassembled the top part, Now you have to do the bottom part of the puff. Grab your plier and twist the bottom to open the puff plus. Make sure you hold the puff as hard as possible during the twisting of the bottom.

Hold the puff twisting at the bottom image

Step-5: Once the bottom piece is removed, Slowly remove the battery. Do not use force as the wires could break and then your puff would be needed welding.

Welding the Puff Image

Step-6: Now you would be requiring a USB cable for this. Any cable could work, there is no parameter for a certain AMP.

Step-7: Cut down the bottom of the USB cable, Doing so make sure that you don’t cut the whole of the wire.

Step-8: Now using pliers remove the rubber from the USB cable, And you will see two different wires red and black.

Two diffrent red and black wire image

Step-9: Using the same plier remove the rubber of both red and black wire, Make sure that you know which one is what, As you would need to place them accordingly.

Step-10: Now take the battery, And you will see that it too has two wires red and black. Just take the two wires of red and black from the USB and touch them with the same color on the battery.

take Red and black wire from usb and touch them

Step-11: You can also use a tape to make sure that it doesn’t come out, Or if you do not want to hold the same.

Hold the wires

Step-12: After 5 minutes your battery would recharge, And you can reassemble the puff bar plus and start using the same.

All You Need To Know Is How to refill a puff bar plus?

Step-1: Follow the above tutorial for battery recharge till Step 5, Or until you have disassembled your puff bar plus.

Step-2: Now take the bottom part, the one with the transparent plastic tube, And gently remove it.

Bottom part transparent plastic blue gently remove it

Step-3: Once you do that you will remain with the plastic and the puff part that generates the smoke flavor.

Step-4: Now get your favorite juice out for refilling the puff. This one uses salt nic, You can use whatever flavors that you like.

Step-5: Once you have the juice in handy, Just drop a few spills into the plastic container so that the puff could absorb all the flavor.

drop a few spills into the plastic container Image

Step-6: After adding the flavor let it soak in for some minutes. In the meantime, You could also recharge your batteries.

Step-7: Once you are ready, You can put back all the parts of the puff bar plus. And reassemble them. Now you can enjoy some smoke without worrying about recharging and refilling.

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