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I’ll show you how to recharge a puff bar in this article. Of course, Teenagers are famous for their fondness for puff bars. If you are one of them, It is not a surprise. They are cheap and very effective in their use. But it also comes with a downside, They are only one-time use. Although The company claims that you can have at least 800 puffs, It is not entirely true. And many people find the battery capacity of the puff bar to be very mediocre. This is the reason. In this article, I’ll share the best way to recharge your puff bar and use it as many times as you want.

Step by Step Guide- How to recharge a puff bar easily in 2022?

Step-1: You would need a working USB cable for this. And then you also need to cut the wires to make a temporary charger for your puff bar. Once, You have the USB cable with you, cut the button part of the cable. And the one that you insert into your mobile phone.

Step-2: Now using a plier carefully peel off the rubber part about 1 inch from both the Red and Black wire. Once the copper of the wire is exposed enough that you can use the same. Now you can move on to further steps.

Red and black wire on screen
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Step-3: Now take your puff bar and from the bottom try to open the lid by pulling it towards you. Make sure you do this gently; As if any of the wires get faulty, you would waste your puff without even recharging. You can even take help from a plier if you think removing it from your hand is not possible. Just keep that in mind, That you do not try to remove the parts completely. Just enough for the head to pop and for you to get the opportunity to charge the battery.

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Step-4: Once you have carefully removed the head section of the puff bar, You can clearly see a wired battery attached to it. In the battery, The wires that you can see are also the same as Red. And Black exactly the same as our USB cable. This means that they are compatible with your puff bar for charging. As the USB cable doesn’t have a lot of power itself, You won’t risk any overcharge of battery as well.

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Step-5: Now that you have seen both the Red and Black wires on both battery and USB cable. It’s now time for you. Of course, It’s now easier than ever to charge the puff bar. As it may be oblivious, You have to put the USB cable wires in the same colour as the battery wires. This means, put the Red USB cable to the red one, And the Black USB cable to the black one. Once you do that, You’ll start charging the battery. Although; There are no lights that may indicate that the charging has been started, you still have to trust your instinct.

Put red usb cabale in red one & black usb cable wire in the black one screen image
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Step-6: Once you have placed both wires accordingly, You have to hold the same in the exact position. You can make use of tape to stick the wires together, But make sure that you do it properly; Because if the wires are not connected together correctly, the charging won’t be able to happen. Whichever view you choose to hold the wires, make sure that you do the same for about 10 minutes. This is the number that works great for most people. And they are able to charge their batteries fully within this timeframe.

Step-7: When you connect the charger to the electricity, make sure the intermediary charger is not of very high voltage. Using a mobile charger, in this case, is absolutely fine. When you use an iPhone charger, it’s great. we all know that iPhone charger safety is one of its greatest assets.  Yeah, you are good to go.  Also, don’t try to hold the charging around your face. And make sure that you are distant from the charging. And that in case, If you need to note the charge you can do that with immediate action.

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Things To Keep in Mind

1) Do not recharge your puff bar, If you think certain wires may have been damaged during the opening process.

2) You can buy flavors from the internet; And can use them to change the default puff of your device.

3) Although the technique of recharging your puff bar is safe. Utmost caution must be maintained whenever you are involved with the charging of the puff bar.

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