How To Recharge a Hyde Edge- Simple Guide

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In this article, We’ll explore how to recharge a hyde edge easily. Hyde Edge is one of the most popular vapor devices in the market. They have many great flavors that you can enjoy. But after having good puffs, The battery of the same gets weak and you need to buy a new one. But there is an alternative solution to this apart from buying a new one, You can recharge your batteries.

To Learn How To Recharge a Hyde Edge?

Step-1: Grab your Hyde Edge and Twist the front side of your puff. And it should come out quite easily. If you find it difficult you can also make use of a plier.

Step-2: Now for the bottom part that is quite rigged, You can use a plier to twist it in the opposite direction. And it will make a small crack sound. If you hear, It means you are good to go to remove the backside of your hyde edge.

Remove backside of hyde edge image

Step-3: Now take a scissor or any sharp object that you can insert and take the puff out from the hyde edge. Make sure you do not tear the puff, Because it is the most important component of hyde. Make sure you are only trying to take the plastic out, Not the foam.

Put out from the hyde edge screen

Put out from the hyde edge Image

Step-4: Now take a USB cable in a working condition, And slowly remove the rubber from the same. Once you do that, You will have two wires left. One for the Red and the Other for Black. Remove the rubber from the two wires as well, And make sure that your wires look similar to the one that I have posted below.

Slowly remove the rubber and two wires image

Step-5: Now take the battery that you removed from the puff, And identify the black and red wire. They are on the opposing end of each other.

Step-6: Take the first wire from the USB cable and put it in the red wire of the battery, And take the second wire from the USB cable and put in the black wire of the battery.

Take the red and black wire of the battery

Step-7: Now make sure you hold the wire in the same position, That I have shared in the above image. You can hold this for about 8 minutes to fully charge your hyde edge.

Step-8: After doing the same, You can now reassemble the hyde edge to use it again. Make sure that you put all the parts as they were earlier, Adding them wrongly won’t start the hyde edge. Also, You can use a plier to tighten the opening and closing of the hyde edge so it doesn’t come out.

reassemble the hyde edge image

Things to Remember:

1) Stop Charging If it’s Getting Hot:

The battery shouldn’t get hot during the charging; If the same happens during your case. quickly turn off the charging button and remove the batteries from the cable. Not doing so could lead to a battery explosion. Also, Maintain a safe distance between your eyes and the batteries during the time of charging. A better idea would be to wear sunglasses and gloves when you are doing this for the first time.

2) Do not use direct charge or high voltage connection:

Use house connection only, Do not use a voltage that can give high AMP output, It also can lead to spark and another disaster.  This means using sockets that you normally use for charging your mobile or laptop.

3) Be Safe in Your Approach:

Approach this with caution, Do not follow the instruction casually, And have a proper understanding of the consequences of doing so. Hyde Edge charging is certainly safe until you are cautious and aware that you should be handling this with utmost vigilance.


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