How To Recharge A Fume {Help Guide}

How To Recharge A Fume {Help Guide}

Here is how you can recharge your fume vape. nos lot for charging is given in those vapes. So to use an alternate way is the only option left. You can take all safety precautions before start recharging the vape.

All You Need To Know About How To Recharge A Fume

Fume vapes are also known as disposable vaping devices. These disposable vapes do not have any charging ports. So they are sometimes used only. If you want to use more then you have to buy another vape pen. However, the popularity of this disposable vaping device has been increasing a lot. So some vape pens have a recharging port. But it depends from company to company. So you will not find this charging port in every vape pen.

Here is the tutorial for how to recharge a fume vape. To recharge a disposable you will need some stuff. Everything is mentioned in detail here.

What Are Disposable Vapes?

These are electronic cigarettes that have a limited amount of puffs. These come in different flavours. You cannot fill the liquid in this. as the liquid tank in these vapes is unreachable. Sometimes you use all your puffs and still, the liquid remains in the tank. In that situation the need to recharge the vape becomes necessary.

The liquid used in the vapes is nicotine free. So these vapes are not harmful to the lungs. These help in decreasing the urge for cigarettes. Teenagers use this for trends. As it becomes a new trend to use, vapes are everywhere. In some countries, vapes are still banned. Because these are addictive.

Things Required To Recharge Vape Pen

There are many things that you will require to recharge your vape. All these things are easily available. So you do not have to run here and there for these. Just make sure that you collect all these before starting your work. The list of these items is as follows:

      USB charger




You can use any old charger for this. If you do not have a charger then you have to buy that from the market.

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Steps To Charge The Vape Pen

Follow these steps to recharge your vape. Do not skip a single step. If you are a beginner then take some extra precautions.

      Pull the USB cable out of the charger. Cut the end of the cable. Make sure that you cut the lower end.

      You will see two different colours of wires in the cable.

      Peel the wire with the knife until you start seeing the aluminium wire inside.

      Open your vape from the bottom. As soon as you open you will see the battery of the vape.

      Now attach the USB cable wire to the vape battery.

      You can now plug in the cable with the adapter and turn on the switch.

      Since there is no indicator of full charging. You can charge the vape battery for 5 minutes. Since the battery is small, this much time will be enough.

These are the steps that you will follow to recharge your vape. You have to take some precautions but the danger involved is not much.

Precautions In Recharging Your Vape

Here is the list of precautions that you have to take before charging your vape. It is necessary to follow these. If you are a beginner then read the precautions before starting your work. If you will charge the vape with a USB charger then there is the chase of getting shocked. So make sure that you cover the wire joint with cello tape. Also, wear plastic sleepers while charging your vape.

There is a chance of a battery explosion if you leave the vape on charging for too long. So make sure that you do not charge for too long. Try not to charge more than 10 times. Because the more you charge the capacity of the vape will decrease.


In conclusion, here is how you can charge a fume vape. There is no charging option available in the fume values. So you have to use alternative ways to charge your vape. These vapes are for limited use only. But with some effort, you can use them for a long time.

These are all the steps that are involved in the process. So make sure that you follow all.

This is the safest method to recharge your vape. So make sure to ensure that you do this with proper safety also. Hope you all will find this helpful.

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