How To Properly Clean A Meat Grinder {Help Guide}

How To Properly Clean A Meat Grinder {Help Guide}

Here is how to clean the meat grinder properly. The process is very easy but you have to be extra careful while handling the meat grinder. Because the chances to grow bacteria are more in the meat grinders. Here is a proper guide for threat grinder handling.

To Learn How To Properly Clean A Meat Grinder

Meat grinders are a part of day-to-day life. You can not handle your raw meat without meat grinders. The cleaning of the meat grinder is more important than any other thing. Because if you will not clean a meat grinder properly then there are chances of growing bacteria and fungus. So cleaning meat grinder parts is different from cleaning other utensils in your kitchen. Here is how to properly clean a meat grinder. This guide will help you to clean your meat grinder properly. Because the whole cleaning process is different. Here we will discuss more the meat grinders and their parts in our lives. If you want to purchase an online Meat Grinder click on this button.

#1. Immediately Dry Clean The Meat Residue

As soon as you finish grinding your meat make sure that you take a clean dry cloth and remove the excess meat. When you grind the meat leaves a lot of residues and oils behind it. So these oils all create a layer on the metal parts of the grinders. This residue becomes very hard to remove if you will keep the grinder as it has for some time. So try to clean that as soon as possible. This will ensure the long life of your grinder blades as well.

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#2. Use Slices Of  Bread

After grinding your meat, feed some slices of bread in the grinder. The bread will ensure to remove all the extra leftover meat from the grinder. You can use that bread later for many purposes. Try to feed at least 4 pieces of bread. Only after that reassemble your grinder. Make sure that you do not overflow the feed tube with bread. This will not take much time as a meat grinder can easily grind the pieces of bread.

#3. Use Warm Water

Do not just run the grinder under warm water. There are a few steps that you have to do in this.

  • In the first step reassemble all the parts of your grinder.
  • Step two is to put hot water in a large bowl.
  • Next Step 3 is to place all the grinder parts in the water and add some in the water too.
  • Step 4 soak all the grinders parts in the hot water for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

Now remove all the parts and clean them under cold water. If there is any dirt remaining after this then repeat the whole process. This is the healthiest way to clean the grinder. Because all the bacteria and the foul smell of the grinder will go away as soon as you will palace that in the hot water.

How To Keep The Grinder After Use?

You can not just leave your grinder as it is after cleaning. There is a certain way to keep your grinder. If you want to use your grinder for the long term then follow these steps.

  • Disassemble all the grinder parts.
  • Make sure that every part of the grinder is dry properly. If it is not completely dry then wait until it is permanently dry.
  • Put oil in every part of the grinder. Especially the meta parts. You can use any oil for this purpose. Like olive oil, mustard oil, and all.
  • After oiling leave the grinder as it is for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • And now reassemble your grinder.

This is the best way to keep your grinder safe. It is for the safety of the grinder. So make sure that you do this every time before keeping your grinder.


In conclusion, here is how to clean your meat grinder properly. A meat grinder is a very important part of the kitchen. If you will not take proper care of the mixer grinder then you will end up having many health issues. Here is how you can handle your mixer grinder for proper use. This will serve as a complete guide for you to keep your mixer grinder safe. Make sure that you shape the grinder blades from time to time.

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