How To Prevent The Never Ending Wipe?

How To Prevent The Never Ending Wipe

Here is how you can prevent your never-ending wipe. This condition is generally the indication of any other medical condition. Sometimes people have this thing cyclonically.

How To Prevent The Never-Ending Wipe?

Are you feeling that you endlessly wipe after bowel movement? This is not a normal condition. Many medical factors are associated with it. The ideal bowel wipe after pooping should not be more than 2 and hardly 3. Many people do not think that it is associated with medical conditions.

Here is how you can prevent yourself from happening again and again. This will serve as a guide for how to prevent the never-ending wipe.

Reason for excessive wiping

If you are facing excess whipping once or twice a month then it is normal. But if you are having this condition regularly then you need to consider these. Here is a list of some common reasons that can cause this condition in your body.

1) If you have haemorrhoids then you will face this problem. Because here the stool becomes stuck in the outgrowth in your anus. So you have to wipe several times. But the symptoms are very obvious. So you will know if you have haemorrhoids.

2) The anal fistula is another big reason for this. If you are finding it difficult to excrete poop then you should consider visiting your doctor.

3) Any kind of skin infection around the anus will lead to this problem.

All these conditions have different symptoms. The excess wiping comes along with these conditions.

Prevention from the never-ending wiping

You can not live in this condition forever. You have to find a permanent solution to this never ending wipe problem. Otherwise, it will lead to many other conditions. Here is how you can prevent this from happening. And if you know the health condition behind the happening then make sure that you treat that condition first.

#1. Use wet wipes

Wipe your butt with the help of wet wipes. Because wet wipes are more gentle and clean properly than the other wipes. Do not use more wet wipes. First, wipe with your dry toilet paper followed by wet wipes. Wet wipes have gentle cleansers. So they do not harm the skin also if you have any infection there.

Then these wipes will help to keep the area clean and eventually reduce the infection. Remember these wipes have alcohol so if you have any cuts around your rectum then do not use these.  Because it might give you a burning sensation.

#2. Take fibre supplement

Taking food with the proper amount of fibre and taking enough water in a day will help with any poop-related problems. Because the fibre makes the poop harder and the water helps it to slip better. So both things are very important if you are facing any problem related to your gut.

You can even take some artificial fibre supplements. Do not consume that for too long. But make sure that you use them for a few weeks. Also, try to improve your diet as well. Do not consume junk food.

#3. Take shower

Another best thing that you can do after taking a poop takes a shower. When you will shoer all the stool will rinse off. Although not everyone likes to shower right after pooping. You can use this if you are finding this condition is worsening. This way you will not wipe excessively and your condition will not worse.


In conclusion, if you are feeling that you are doing never-ending wiping after poop. So make sure that you check the above-mentioned medical conditions. Because until you cure the disease you will not be able to get rid of this situation. Many serious diseases can happen if this continues for a long time. Such as UTI, itching, genital discomfort, and many more.

Here are some methods that you can use to cure this condition temporarily. However, it is advised to see your doctor in any of the above situations. Make sure that you follow all the above-mentioned methods to get a good result for your condition. Hope you all will find this helpful.

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