How To Prepare For A Facial {6 Things You Should Know}

Feature Image - How To Prepare For A Facial {6 Things You Should Know}

As a matter of fact, a facial is the best and most colourful way of self-pampering. but there are some precautions that should take before your facial appointment to get the full results of the facial treatment. follow all these before a facial treatment.

Don’ts of pre facial {Consider those things prepare for a facial}

Who does not like skin-pampering or glowing skin? It is the dream of everyone, not only women but men also want glowing and irritation-free skin. When we talk about the skincare routine the first thing that pops up in our mind is facial treatment. Before going to a big event the one thing that every woman wants to get done is the facial. But the question is how to prepare for a facial. If you are a first-timer then this question has certainly come into your mind. So here is the answer to this.

#1. Be aware of your skin conditions

The girl diffrent skin

The mishaps that happen due to the facial are all due to the lack of knowledge about the skin type. The customer gives the wrong information and that results in swelling, irritation, and pimples on the skin. Hence it is better to be aware of all your medical conditions and your skin and akin type before going there. The results from your facial depend upon your skin type. All skin types have different kinds of products. Keep this in mind.

#2. Avoid sun damage

Stop going out in the sun at least six days before the facial appointment. If you have some urgent work then use sunscreen and all the necessary products to avoid sun tanning. Cover your face, neck and shoulders before going out. Make sure that you drink a lot of water before the appointment. The tanning and all the sun damage can nil the effect of facial and your money will become waste.

#3. Makeup

Lady for makeup

You should not wear any makeup product before your appointment. I will suggest you do cleansing a night before your appointment. Because the makeup enters into your pores and blocks them. Hence the facial product does not get into the pores. So avoid wearing any kind of makeup product and also avoid any cream application on the face. Just go with the bare face at the parlour.

#4. Home facial

To enjoy the best facial experience avoid doing any natural remedy at home. This also includes the neck and shoulder massage with any homemade product. You may know your skin better but in the facial, we do a chemical peel. They peel all the damaged skin with the help of those products which make your face look glowing and younger. All the homemade products already damage the first layer of the skin hence the facial products can cause severe irritation to the skin. So avoid using them before any facial appointment.

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#5. Avoid waxing

70% of the women do face waxing and threading. Do not do any of these a week before your appointment. Because the threading leaves small unseen cuts on the skin and when the facial chemical comes in contact with them they just burn. To avoid the threading before the facial. The same case is with the waxing. It may not leave any cut but it has its side effects so both things should be avoided before any facial treatment.

#6. Other things to keep in mind when you prepare for a facial

The following are some other things that you need to take into consideration before you book your appointment and prepare for a facial.

  • Do not make last-minute reservations. Keep at least a week gap between your reservations.
  • Wear clothing that is comfortable for you to enjoy the whole process. Do not put any kind of stress on your face before leaving or in between your session.
  • Try to reach at least 30 minutes before the appointment time.
  • Be clear with your priorities. If you have any concerns about the products just ask and clear all the doubts.
  • If you are going the first time then select your treatment wisely and according to your kintype.
  • If you have any kind of medical condition then let them know before the treatment.
  • Make them aware of the skin care products that you use. Tell them whatever you use on your face. This helps in knowing your skin better.

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