How To Post A GIF On Instagram Comments?

How To Post A GIF On Instagram Comments

Posing comments on your friend’s picture is a very fun way to interact with them. Comments on Instagram help you to express your thoughts on a particular video as well as a picture. There are various ways that you can post comments. So you can either use text, emoji, or GIF. So here is the guide for how to post a GIF on Instagram comments. GIFs are very fun cartoon characters. 

These are used in chats and even in comments. You can make your comment look unique with the help of these GIFs. Here is how you can do this in no time. So even if you are a beginner on Instagram you will be able to do this.

What Are GIFs?

These are short animated videos. These contain looping images. Which looks like a moving image. And they used to express lots of different feelings. So you can use these to express those emotions that you can not express with the help of emojis.

Lord Shiva GIF Image

GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) can be customized as well. And these days gifs are used to create memes as well. So using gifs in comments and chats is very common these days. So all these gifs enhance the chatting and commenting experience. And you can express more freely with these gifs.

Step For How To Post GIF On Instagram Comments

Here are the steps that will help you to learn using the gif in your Instagram comment sections. This is a very easy process. And once you do this on your own. You will never forget this process.

  1. First of all, Login to your Instagram account by using the right credentials or open the Instagram application on your smart mobile. Login and open Instagram account/app
  2. Now, Click on the Instagram post that you want to post a comment. Instagram post
  3. As soon as you click on the icon of the comment, the keyboard will appear on your screen in the Instagram app. Instagram comment section
  4. Look at the bottom left corner of the keyboard that just appeared. You will see a smiley face there at the bottom. Instagram comment - phone keyboard smiley face
  5. Tap on that smiley face. And list of emojis will pop up. List of emoji's in smiley face
  6. Here you will see an option saying gif. So it is present right next to the smiley face icon. Instagram GIF option
  7. Tap and Hold on that option and you will see gifs on your screen. So now simply click on the gif that you want to post. List of GIF images
  8. Click on the post option. So the GIF will be posted below that post. Comment GIF images in Instagram post
  9. You can use customised keyboards for gifs or you can download the gifs from instagram giphy.

Tips To Make Your Comment Look Interesting With GIF

Here is how you can make your comment more interesting and unique with the help of a gif.

Use Relevant GIFs: Make sure the GIF you choose is relevant to the conversation or the post. It should enhance the discussion or add value.

Keep it Tasteful: While GIFs can be fun and playful, always ensure that your choice is appropriate and doesn’t offend or upset others.

Consider the Context: Think about the context of the post and the discussion. A well-timed and contextually relevant GIF is more likely to show.

Don’t Overdo It:  GIFs are a great addition, but using too many can clutter a conversation. Use them selectively and when they genuinely enhance your comments.

Explore Different Emotions: GIFs come in a wide range of emotions, from laughter to sympathy. So experiment with different types to convey your feelings effectively.

Create a Personal Collection: If you often use GIFs, consider saving your favorite ones to make it easier to find and share them quickly.


In Conclusion, Here is how to post a GIF on Instagram comments. It is a simple process. and all the relative steps of the process are here. So make sure that you apply these as it is.

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