How To Poop After A Pilonidal Cyst Surgery {Help Guide}

How To Poop After A Pilonidal Cyst Surgery {Help Guide}

The pilonidal cysts are the non-harmful type of cysts that occur on the buttocks. They are not harmful but if you will not get them removed then they will create difficulty in settling and lying down. So it is a good idea to get them removed. But the question is how to poop after a pilonidal cyst surgery.

Because you will have one stitch after the surgery. And many people face difficulty in pooping until it heals. 

Sometimes the doctor leaves the wounds left open to heal. It happens in those cases where the cyst is not much big. Here is more on this topic. 

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#1. Drink Plenty Of Water

Your main focus should be on your bowel after the surgery. You have to do everything that you can do to not make your bowel constipated. Ensure that you have to drink plenty of fluids.

It advises drinking only fluids after 24 hours of surgery. You can also drink warm water to soften the bowels. This is a very effective method for pooping easily after your surgery. Because you will feel pain if you try a little harder to poop. 

#2. Use Of Pain Medicines

You have to use pain medications that your doctor will suggest to you after surgery. This will keep you away from the pain. And you have to use other methods to avoid pain as well. It is obvious that after surgery the area will swell.

So you can use hot compressors to avoid swelling in that area. And make sure that you use soft cushions to sit and lay on. A little impact can cause pain in the stitches. You can contact your doctor for the pain-relieving medications.

#3. Eat Fibrous Food

It advises eating fibrous foods. Because this will prevent your bowel from being constipated. A constipated bowel will cause more problems than normal pooping after surgery.

So make sure to eat a lot of fiber and a balanced diet after the surgery. You can call your doctor to take advice on what type of food you can eat and what type you should avoid.

#4. Do Light Exercises

It advises you to do light exercise after your surgery. This will not let your bowel stiff. And you can easily poop. Do not overdo the exercise. Just do it until you feel fine. And if you are facing a problem in doing the exercise then avoids this. 


In conclusion, here is how to poop after a pilonidal cyst surgery. Here are all the tips and tricks to keep your bowel movement healthy. All you have to do is prevent the bowel from being constipated. Because in constipated bowel you will face pain and extra swelling in your buttocks.

Make sure to use all the tricks to get the best results. Do plenty of rest until the wound heal.  Try not to run or put more pressure on your buttocks after the surgery. Do some bed rest after the surgery. 

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