How To Play The Tape In CA 920 Camera?

How To Play The Tape In CA 920 Camera

Of course, CA  920 camera is a very old camera. This camera is used to record videos in the form of cassettes. It was better than many other video capture devices in the past. But with advances in technology, the use of this camera reduced. However, there are still many people that like to use this camera. So for those people here is s step by step guide about how to play the tape in CA 920 camera. This will serve as a complete guide for the users.

Because today’s generation is very confused about using this camera. You will learn more about the handling and care of this camera. This camera s used for aesthetics these days. So you need to learn more about its use and features.

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Preparations To Play The Tape In a CA

Here are some preparations that you need to do to play the tapes on your camera. Make sure that you prepare all these in advance.

So that you do not have to run here and there at the exact moment. The preparation also includes checking something if they are working or not.

The battery

A battery is an important part of the camera. If you want to use your camera then you should charge the battery first. To do this remove the battery from the side of your camera. And plug it with the charger. Leave it for some time.

If you have not used the camera ins a while then leave the battery on charging for a longer time. It is just to ensure that the battery should be fully charged during the tape playing.

Most of the batteries have an indicator to tell if the battery is charged or not.

Use Of Tape Head

A tape head is an electronic device that is used to clean the tapes. These tapes are very old and sometimes dust and other stuff accumulated on it. It is necessary to remove these before start playing your cassette.

It will ensure the smooth play of the tape. These head tape clearances are easily available. You can buy these from Amazon or any other offline store.

Now insert the tape into the camera just like you will do with the playing tape. And turn the VTR button on. Leave the camera as it is for some time. After a few seconds, the tape will stop immediately.

This will indicate the compartment is all clean for the new tape. And now you can remove your tape head cleaner. This will not take more than a few minutes. And hence your camera compartment and the tape will both remain safe.

Steps To Insert The Tape In Your Camera

Here are the steps that you will follow to insert the tape in the CA 920 camera. Make sure that you follow all the steps of insertion. If you’re doing these for the first time then you can also take help from some other person. 

You have to insert the tape in the side compartment of the camera. These cameras have proper mention of the compartment for the tape. Now the only thing that you need to consider is the tape side.

You have to insert the tape in such a way the tape should go inside and the label of the tape should remain outside. This is the correct position to palace the tape in your camera.

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Steps To Play The Video In Your Camera

After the successful insertion of tape in the camera now it is time to play the video in your camera. The camera has the default setting on the recording mode. So you have to change that mode from recording to playback.

  1. Go to the camera function buttons and press the VTR switch.
  2. This switch changes the camera from recording to playback mode.
  3. And after changing it just press the play button on your camera.

This is all that you need how to play the tape in CA 920 camera

Which Cassette Tapes Are Supported By CA 920 Camera?

It is not like you will play the tape in this camera. This camera has a specific tap to play. So if you will play some other tapes then it will block the tape and there is a high chance of damaging the camera.

This camera supports only miniDV cassette tapes. So if you have this tape then you can play these in our camera. Do not try to play other tapes on this camera.

Steps To Eject The Tape From Your Camera

After playing the video it is time to remove the tape from your camera. The process of ejection is very simple.

  1. You will see an ejection button on top of your camera.
  2. As soon as you will press this button the tape compartment of the camera will open and you can remove the tape from it.
  3. After removing the tape close the compartment as it is.

This process is also easy but if you’re feeling like the tape is stuck in the compartment then do not try to remove it all by yourself. Because there is more chance of damage.

How Long Videos Can Be Recorded On The Cassettes?

miniDV cassettes record up to a limit. after crossing the limit they automatically stop recording. So if you’re recording in these cassettes then you have to remember about the time. The maximum time that you can record in these cassettes is 60 minutes.

However, you can record up to 90 minutes if you are using the LP mode. It depends on your choice of recording how much time and in which format you’re shooting the video.

Safety Measures While Playing The Assets In Your Camera

Some of the safety measures that you should take while using the cassettes in your camera.

  1. Always keep your camera in a cool and dry place.
  2. Remove the cassettes from your camera very gently.
  3. Never overcharge your camera battery. This will decrease the life of your camera.
  4. Always clean the camera with the help of tape heads. It will be a good investment. And it will work for years if you will purchase it once.


In conclusion, here is how to play the tape in CA 920 camera. The process is very simple and even if you are a beginner you can do this very easily. This will serve as a complete guide for you to play cassettes on your camera.

Make sure that you follow all the safety measures before using the camera to play videos. Your camera life will depend on how you will keep the camera. 

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