How to Play Snap games

How to Play Snaps Game?

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The Game of Snaps is a really interesting game to play on camps, or while going out with your buddies. Like other games, there are some instructions and basic rules on How to Play Snaps.

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  • How to Play Snaps
    • Method 1
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  • What’s the use of Vowels in Snaps
  • Live Example of How to Play Game of Snaps

How to Play Snaps?

To play this game, you need a minimum of two players. One will be a snapper and the other needs to guess the word.

The word should be the name of any person, but there isn’t any rule on this, you can change it, flexibly.


So, the first method is, the Snapper will provide some clues about the name of the person. He can do this by saying a sentence with the first letter of that person’s name. For example, he wants to say, John. He will begin with a sentence starting with J, like – Joey, was my favorite character from Friends. And he will continue with other letters also, like O, H& N.


In this method, Snapper will give you clues to guess the name of that person.

In this, Snapper needs to give some clue about that person. Like, who is Germany’s President? but I think this method is more likely to be a GK Class.

If the person is using, method one to describe, he will say: “Snap Is the name of the game”

If they are using 2nd Method, they will say: “Snap Isn’t the name of the game”

Use Vowels to Play the Game of Snaps

How much snapping finger is required when to play Snaps
Vowels & How much snapping finger required

This is another rule to play the game of Snaps. If you’re spelling out the name by saying sentences (method 1) you need to use vowels to play.

Of course, here there are 5 Vowels A, E, I, O & U in the English language. Now if the name has vowels in it, you’ve to do a snap. Like in John’s name, O is a vowel. So while describing his name, you need to Snap-on O,  which is  4. See the live example.

  • A = 1 Snap
  • E = 2 Snap
  • I = 3 Snap
  • O = 4 Snap
  • U = 5 Snap

For example, if there is A in that name, Snap once, similarly if there is O snap your finger four times.

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Live Example of How to Play Game.

This is a live example of how to play the game of snaps-

Let’s say I’m Snapper and you need to guess the name.

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  • My Name means this my name.

So, this was the live example of How to Play Snaps, I think most of you’ve guessed it, it’s my First Name.

Simple and fun game, but you can make this game your code language. No matter the game of snaps can make a good tunning between you and your friends!

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