How To Play Asshole {A Guide}

How To Play Asshole {A Guide}

Asshole is the most popular card name. The other name of this game is the president or rich man poor man. This game is the favorite pastime of friends. So here is the guide on how to play asshole. Because this game is common. So if you are not aware of how to play this game, You will feel left out in the group.

How To Play Asshole {Complete Guide}

It is very easy to learn and here we will help you to know more about this game, the rules, and the risks. So that you enjoy this card game with your friends without any hesitation.

Basic Information About the Game Asshole

Before starting to play this game, it is essential to get the necessary information regarding this game. This will help you to clear your base or the game asshole. 

#1. Number Of Players

Asshole is best played with 4 to 7 players. If you have a larger group, consider playing with multiple decks of cards.

#2. Card Ranking

Use a standard 52-card deck. The cards rank from highest to lowest: 2, Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3. Twos are the highest cards, and threes are the lowest.

#3. Dealing the Cards

One player shuffles the deck and deals the entire deck of cards to all players, giving an equal number of cards to each.

Ranking Of the Players With the Role Of Asshole

Now we will discuss the ranking of the players in this game. And what are the responsibilities of each player with their respective role?

#1. President

It is the highest rank in this. The player who will run out of cards first will become the president in the second game. And they will have the opportunity to choose the cards first.

#2. Vice President

It is the second-highest rank in this grade. And if you will run out of cards on the second step then you will become the vice president. The player will help the president in this game.

#3. Middle Class

This will be the player who will not run forward. But will not be called an asshole. The middle part is like the sandwich between the president and the vice president.

#4. Asshole

It is the last player that has not run out of cards. So they are responsible for receiving the punishments from the president.

Rules Of the Game Asshole

Here is the set of rules in this game. You have to play with this rule. Otherwise, You will be eliminated from this process.

  1. The first objective of the game is to come first. And the rank given after this will be the president. For this, you have to finish all the cards first.
  2. Understand the order of the player. The biggest ad the most powerful is the resident, the other is the vice president the middle player, and lastly the asshole.
  3. If you will not able to finish the card by the end, they will call you an asshole. And you will receive punishment from the president.
  4. Players take turns playing cards in ascending order. For example, if a player leads with a 5, the next player must play a 6 or higher.

Special Cards In The Asshole

There are some special cards in this game. So having the understanding and use of these special cards is the prime concern too.

  1. 2s: Twos are powerful cards that can clear the pile. Playing two resets the pile, allowing the player to play any card to start a new sequence.
  2. 4s: Fours skip the next player’s turn.
  3. 10s: Tens clear the pile and can be played at any time.


In conclusion, Here is the complete information on how to play asshole. This is a very simple card game and is very popular among college students you can start playing this game anywhere.

All you need is the right number of players and you are good to go. This guide will help you to learn the rules of the game asshole.

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