How To Pause Facetime {2 Working Methods}

How To Pause Facetime

Facetime app is nothing but a high-quality video calling feature on the iOS platform. It is loaded with the tone of advanced features. Using Facetime is not difficult, but many people still suffer from some of its features. And among different settings, people struggle the most with pausing Facetime. So, If you are also struggling with this issue wanted to know how to pause Facetime, you don’t have to worry anymore. This blog will tell you two different ways to pause Facetime on iOS. So without wasting time, let’s get into it.

Method #1: Here Are Some Steps On How To Pause Facetime

This is the very basic method applicable to all iOS platforms and versions. So doesn’t matter which iPhone you are using; You can use this method to pause your video feed or Facetime. Follow the below step-by-step guide carefully.


First of all, You can open the Facetime video call app and start video conferencing with anyone.


Once you start a call with the user on Facetime. Swipe from the bottom.


Once you Swipe Up from the bottom, you will see Facetime Settings options. Here you will see the Camera Off option. Now you know what to do. Just tap on this option, and you are all done.

Once you turn off the Camera, your ongoing call will not end, and you will be connected to the user via voice.

Method #2: How To Pause Facetime During The Call

So this method is for the latest iOS versions because this uses the PIP feature. Now, this feature is available in the latest versions of iOS and for iOS 13 and earlier versions you can use method 1. So if you have the latest iPhone, you can use this method to pause Facetime. But before using this feature to pause Facetime in iOS 14, let’s know what PIP is.

What is PIP feature?

PIP simply means Picture-In-Picture. It allows you to multitask without exiting the current application or window. In simpler words, it minimizes the current application and opens a small window allowing you to perform various other actions or use other applications.

Using Home Gesture

Here we will use the standard Home Gesture feature, but we have to disable PIP first because without disabling PIP, you can’t use this method. iPhone and iPad come with a PIP feature by default so let’s see how to disable it.


First of all, Open the Settings app and search General.


Tap on General and find PIP or Picture In Picture.

Settings -> go to general option


Tap on Picture In Picture, and you will find Start PIP Automatically here.

Tap on picture in picture


Then, the next step is to disable the Picture in Picture by Turning Off the toggle.

disable the Picture in Picture by simply trun off the toggle

Once the PIP is disabled, you can easily use the home gesture to pause Facetime.


Pausing Facetime will become very easy if you follow this article carefully. We have mentioned two different methods that are applicable to both old and latest iOS versions. So if you follow this guide carefully, you don’t have to go anywhere to pause the video orĀ  Facetime. These methods are genuine and easy and will not affect your phone’s working in any way. So, you can follow each method carefully and learn how to pause Facetime yourself without any trouble.

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