How to open and disable incognito window follow these simple steps

How to open and disable incognito window?? follow these simple steps

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What is Incognito Mode in browsers and their purposes?

In general, Incognito windows are known as a private mode window.  Moreover, you can easily switch to the browser’s incognito window. Notably you don’t have to disable the incognito window manually. Each time you close the browser.incognito will be disabled automatically.

As a matter of fact, every time we visit on any website, they request to store some cookies on our computer. So that whenever we again visit that website it will load faster. But Identically if you browse from your browser incognito window no information/cookies, browsing history will store on your computer. Once you close the browser all the data/information will be removed.

Similarly All the browser having this incognito feature. In fire fox, it is known as private browsing and in Google chrome, it is known as incognito mode. In every browser, it is known with a different name but the working principle is the same.

How to open  incognito mode in Google Chrome

  • At First, you can launch for your Google Chrome web browser.
  • Then Press your keyword Ctrl + Shift+ N  all together.  (Notably this is the shortcut key for incognito mode in chrome browser).
  • Now incognito window browser shows in your PC/Laptop.

Or else

  • In google chrome, click on three dots from the upper right corner.
  • Hereafter from the drop down menu click on  “New incognito window“.
  • That’s it. now you can surf anything for this private window.

How to open  incognito mode in Firefox

  • Firstly Launch Mozilla Firefox web browser in your computer or laptop.
  • Afterwards, enter the Ctrl + Shift +P in your keyboard all together.
  • Done! “New private window” appeared and you can now surfing internet privately.


  • Similarly, open your Firefox browser window.
  • Then click on the three dot lines from the upper right corner.
  • From the drop down menu you can select  “New Private Window“.
  • Finally New Incognito window appears here.

Does incognito mode keeps your data private??

In fact the Incognito mode keeps your browser history private but not your browsing history. Your internet service provider, the Office server admin can trace your online activities. But your browsing activities (like login information, bank details, etc )will not store in your browser history once you close the browser.

So how it Helps?

Suppose you search for a T-shirt. But after a while of browsing, you have not purchased any  T-shirt. Some websites/search engines track their user with the help of cookies. So they store the user’s browsing behaviors. And depending on your browsing activity they will show you ads on your social media, before the starting of any YouTube  video, website.

So if you browse incognito mode your browsing activity will not be remembered by the browser.

Note: If you want to keep your browsing activity private then use any trusted VPN.

How to disable incognito on windows chrome??

There are some below steps that helps to disable incognito on your Microsoft windows systems.

  • Firstly press the windows key along with R (WIN+R) from your keyboard.
  • After Type Regedit and then press enter.
  • Here you can find the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder on your PC.
  • After that you can switch over the following directory :- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-> SOFTWARE -> Policies.
  •  Then right click  and create Policies -> New -> Key.
  • And put the name for “Google” this new created key .
  • Likewise, right click “Google” and create new key under this google folder. (Navigate Google -> New -> Key)
  • And after put the name for “Chrome” for this new created key.
  • Note:- In case, Google and Chrome folders created already then leave the above steps.
  • Right-click on this Chrome folder and select New then create DWORD 32-BIT VALUE
  • Put the name for IncognitoModeAvaillability for this newly createdDWORD 32-BIT VALUE.
  • Then Right-click on IncognitoModeAvaillability.
  • Select modify.
  • In the field of “Value data:” you can set the value 1.
  • select ok.
  • Finally Restart your computer.

So that’s it. Finally, you will not find incognito mode anymore in your browser so far.

How to disable incognito on Mac Os

  • From finder click on Go and then select Utilities
  • Next you can find the terminal and open it
  • Afterwards you can Type “defaults write  IncognitoModeAvaillability -integer 1
  • press enter
  • After all completed then Restart your computer.

Hurrah! In furthermore, you will not find incognito mode in Mac OS anymore.

How to disable incognito on Android

It is not possible to directly disable incognito mode on Android as we did on Mac Os and Windows. To disable incognito mode on Android you have to install a third-party application.

  • At first open play store in your android phone.
  • Afterwards Search the “disable incognito mode” in play store and install the appropriate  application in your smart mobile.
  • once the “disable incognito mode” app installation is complete then  you can launch the app.
  • Click on the open settings.
  • From the next window enable disable incognito mode
  • Allow and give the required permission.

How to get back disabled incognito on windows?

  • Likewise press the Windows key along with R from your keyboard.(WIN +R)
  • After that just type Regedit and then click “ok” button.
  • Similarly, you can Navigate from this directory on your computer: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-> SOFTWARE -> Policies  -> Google -> Chrome.
  • Right-click on this Chrome folder and select New then create DWORD 32-BIT VALUE
  • Put the name for IncognitoModeAvaillability for this newly created DWORD 32-BIT VALUE.
  • Note:- IncognitoModeAvaillability option created for already in your computer then you can skip the above last three steps and further you can follow the below steps here.
  • Then Right-click on IncognitoModeAvaillability.
  • In the field of “value data:” set the value 0 instead of 1.
  • After all changes completed click the  ok button.
  • Changes will take effect after Restart your computer.

After restart your system you can able to find an incognito mode again in your PC/Laptop 🙂

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