How to open a .rd3 file {Help Guide}

How to open a .rd3 file {Help Guide}

Here is how you can open a .rd3 file in your system and the android phone. You have to need some external source to open these files because the format of these files us completely different from all other files.

How to open a .rd3 file?

If you have some .rd3 file and you want to open the files then you are at the right palace. Here you will learn about opening rd3 files in your system. Different file types exist. Rd3 is one of them and not everyone is aware of the rd3 file extension. Read it till the end to know more about the .rd3 file topic.

What are .rd3 files?

The Rd3 file format belongs to the CorelDraw Coreldream 3d. It is a graphic file and you can not open this file without an rd3 app opener. The data in this file are all related to graphic design. If you’re interested in graphic designing then the first thing that you should know is how to open the .rd3 file because most of the work that you will be getting will come in this format.

Steps to open the .rd3 files

You cannot open the rd3 files with your regular window system. You will require some external source in order to open these files. Even windows will ask for an external source to open the files. There are two different ways that you can use to open these files. One is to upload these files in a browser that can open the file for you. Another thing that you can use is to download an app that will open rd3 files.

Programs that help to open a. rd3 file

Here are some popular web browsers and apps that are used to open rd3 file. These are the most popular and safe among all the apps and browsers out there. If you are a beginner then these apps are perfect for you and you don’t need to invest anything in them.

  • Ray’s Dream designer graphics browser
  • Corel dream 3d browser
  • Bitberry file opener app

You can use the above-mentioned sites and apps to open any rd3 files. Even if your file is larger these applications will easily open any size rd3 file.


In conclusion, here is the complete guide for how to open a .rd3 file. You can not open these files like a normal file because the format of this file is very different. Some external source is necessary to do the work. All the external sources are mentioned here. So, make sure that you try all of these methods to open the .rd3 files. If one browser is not working then you can try the other browser. All of these rd3 file openers are free of cost.

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