How To Mount Pole On Roof {Help Guide}

How To Mount Pole On Roof

In today’s world satellites play a major role in our day-to-day life. Many things would not be possible without using them. For example, we can’t run google maps without satellites. Not only google maps but there are many more things that can only run through their help of them. Satellites generate some signals that are cached by us with the help of some devices or satellite dishes. So, it is nearly impossible to run many things without using these signals. In this article, we will see how to mount a pole on the roof.

If you are mounting a pole on the roof then there are some that you should always consider. Here I will tell you about mounting a pole step by step and that will surely help you.

Things that we use to catch signals

For example, T.V antennas are used to catch T.V signals through which we can watch our favorite channels and programs. Other than that Radio also needs antennas to catch signals. But one thing is common in all of these devices. We have to mount signal catchers on the top of our roof or at a higher altitude. This is because we cannot catch these signals at a lower altitude or height. That’s the reason why you’ll always see these antennas at a higher height.

We can also take an example of a network provider. These companies set their poles very high for better area coverage and good-quality signals. There are many things that we have to keep in mind if we are setting a signal catcher on our roof. First of all, we have to mount a pole for that. That’s the reason why many people ask how to mount a pole on a roof. Now we are going to answer these questions about pole mounting.

To learn how to mount a pole on the roof

First of all, we have to keep our security in mind because we are going to mount that pole on the roof under which our family lives. You should buy antenna mounts that are of good quality. If your roof mounts are not of good quality then it can create problems for you. After that you have to ensure that your roof is flat otherwise, don’t try to mount that on a sloppy roof. There are many precautions that you should always keep in your mind. Now we’ll discuss some steps of mounting that.

Steps that you have to follow

First of all measure the radius of the pole that you want to mount. After that check the measurements of your brackets. Note that brackets are very important in pole mounting. These brackets provide your pole with strong support that will help it to stand strong against high winds. We should never mount a pole on the roof without using brackets. Also, you have to use heavy brackets for that.

After measuring the length of the brackets drill holes at the correct places. We should always mark points before drilling these holes. After that, you have to dig a hole for your pole. You can use a pole mast for doing that. Now, put the pole inside the hole and attach brackets to it. You should fix your brackets now. Keep in mind that you have to use good quality screws or fixers there to provide it with a strong base. Now your pole is fixed in its place. After that do the necessary attachments that are required for your pole. That will vary for what work you are mounting that pole.

Things to keep in mind

There are some things that you have to keep in mind during pole mounting because it is an issue for your security too and you can’t take it lightly. First of all, you have to take the advice of your architect if you are planning to mount a big pole on your roof. He will tell you about the loading capacity of your roof and other things too. Proceed with your work if he verifies that. Otherwise, you should think of other options.

You have to always use brackets of a good material that is strong enough to bear the weight of that pole. Brackets are very necessary you should never ignore them in any condition. Height is also a major factor that you should check. Height is a major factor that decides the balance factor. The balance should be good for the pole so that it will not get affected by strong winds or other climate changes. Only proceed with a mounting pole if you’ve checked all these things otherwise it can create a big problem for you and for your family too.


Here we told you about why poles are needed and why are they so important in our daily life. We also discussed step by step how to mount a pole on the roof. If you follow all these steps then you will not face any kind of problem in future too. One thing that you should always keep in mind is precautions. Because as we told you security should be your priority in any case. If you are not prioritizing your security then you will find yourself in great trouble that can create enormous problems for you.

So, keep all these things in mind and go set up your pole. Hope that this is going to help you.

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