How To Measure A Saddle Gullet – Best Guide

How To Measure A Saddle Gullet - Best Guide

It is important to purchase an adjustable gullet for the saddle of your horse. Let’s know in detail How To Measure A Saddle Gullet.

How To Measure A Saddle Gullet {Help Guide}

First, we should know that a gullet on a saddle is a metal bar, which is slightly bent. As like a coat hanger kept inside the saddle above the wither of the horse. Thus fitting of the saddle is required for both the rider and the horse. While purchasing a saddle gullet one should must follow the instructions of the manufacturer of it.

Because wider-bodied horses like a quarter horse with a flat wither needs a wider gullet and wider angles for the bar. Whereas a thoroughbred with a high wither will need narrow gullets. The measurement methods are different for certain saddles. One should know properly about how to measure a saddle gullet.

To Measure Saddle Gullet For English Saddle

There are so many methods to measure the saddle gullet. But the correct way is to follow the instructions from the saddle gullet manufacturer to get a correct measurement. So that it fits according to your horse’s size or, width. For English Saddles you have to take the gullet measurement from ‘dot to dot’ by using a measuring tape.

To measure the rider seat size you should use a tape measure and to do it measure from the cantle to the nail head. Be sure about the fitting of the saddle. If a horse’s saddle is too tight it can pinch their shoulder and become uncomfortable.

Whereas if the saddle is too wide then it becomes worse to sit on the top of the horse’s wither and spine. So this condition may cause permanent damage. As a precaution, many riders use a gel or, a cut-out saddle pad to make the best fit.

To Measure Saddle Gullet For Western Saddle

It should be designed such that it fits the horse first then the rider. But it should be considered first about the saddle tree. Also, the seat size is important to measure the saddle for the western saddle. As it will distribute the rider’s weight properly. You should measure from concho to concho to determine the gullet width. Whereas bars and gullets are not the same.

As the gullet is the space between the bars and the bars measurements are being related to the angle to the horse. It is also important to consider the gullet on the back of the saddle. If the saddle is too narrow, it will damage the spine of the horse. If it is too wide then it will not stay and remain connected while riding.

Common Measurement Of A Gullet

Based on the rule of thumb one can measure the front of the saddle level with the conches. Where the bars of the saddle are in the widest form. It is 6.5 ” just under 7” and it is semi-quarter bars, whereas 7” to 8” is full quarter bars and 8” is + size. A wide horse will require not only a wider gullet but also a flatter angle on the bars of the saddle. which connects the front of the saddle to the back.

If it is not fitted suitably to the horse it will affect both the rider and the horse. Every saddle is different from each other because manufacturers are different. So, before purchase be sure about the size and fitting of the gullet. Because every horse breed has a different physical construction. To suit or, fit the saddle to your horse, be conscious about the measurement.

End Note

So, these are all about how to measure a saddle gullet. If you own a horse and want to have a comfortable ride on it. Then must be sure about the size measurement of the saddle gullet of your horse. As an ill-fitting saddle may cause damage to the back of your horse. Thus it is important to take a proper measurement of your saddle gullet.

You can take advice from an experienced saddle fitter also to make it an accurate fit. So that to get a new saddle with proper measurements.

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