How To Make Starlink Work On 12 Volt {Help Guide}

How To Make Starlink Work On 12 Volt {Help Guide}

If you use high-speed internet then you must have heard about the Starlink service. It is a satellite internet service. And they claim that they provide high-speed internet in remote areas. It is true as well. Now the question is how to make Starlink work on 12 volt in remote areas. 

The internet service provided by Starlink is very high and you can access their service in almost any part of the world. But there are a few changes that are required for this. The first change is the requirement for the 12-volt power supply. 

Here is the answer to this problem. You can find the answer to all your queries here.

Basic about Starlink

Starlink comes under the company called SpaceX. This company was owned by Elon Musk and they launched certain space projects. Starlink is only for the internet.

There are many parts of the world that either do not have internet access or have low internet space. Starlink provides the best speed internet in that area. 

This has benefitted a lot of people. If you’re traveling in these areas or live in these areas then it is the best option to have internet access all around.     

Main Components Required To Get The Starlink Work

There are some main components of the Starlink satellite. These are the main components and without them, you can not start the Starlink satellite. So make sure that you collect all these before setup.

Because Starlink does not provide all these with their router. So you have to arrange all these all by yourself. The list of this stuff is as follows:

  • Antenna
  • Router
  • Base
  • Cable 
  • Power supply
  • Hardware

You can purchase the Starlink kit from outside. So you will get all this stuff in it. This kit is a little expensive. But it is not like you can not afford this, comparatively the price is high than other internet-providing kits. 

Power Consumption Of Starlink Kit

Starlink consumes power differently. If you are using Starlink then the power consumption will be different and in the resting state e power consumption changes. If you are using it then it takes around 50 to 70wts.

When it is resting then it still needs some power to remain connected to the satellite. This power is only 20wts. And below this amount, Starlink doesn’t work.

It is not possible to operate it below this limit. Even in the areas with zero internet access, it requires a minimum of 20wts to operate. Otherwise, there is no chance that it will operate.

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How To Make Starlink Work On 12 Volt In Remote Areas?

Even if you are going on long road trips, you always heavy he access to the 12-volt power supply through your car or your bike. So this is the minimum power that you carry with you when you travel in remote areas.

Now all you need is a power inverter. This inverter helps in converting the voltages. And it is very successful in areas where there is a problem of low voltage. So this inverter will convert the 12-volt DC supply to a 120-volt AC supply. Which is enough to run the Starlink satellite. 

These voltage-converting inverters are available in almost any electricity shop. Also, these are not very expensive. You can get this. Even if you are traveling you can carry these with you.

Because they are compact. And all you have to do is attach these to the main power source and it will convert the voltage. 

The only drawback is that you cannot change the voltage values. So if it is producing 120 volts then you can not decrease this value.

Does Starlink Work During Driving?

It is s thing to remember. Starlink needs an uninterrupted power supply and a stable connection to work. So you have to set the terminal somewhere above where it can face towards the sky.

And if you will move in this condition then the connection will disturb. And you will not get a good internet connection. Your internet keeps disconnecting.

So to avoid this situation make sure that you use this internet supply when you are in the rest state. Even if the weather is not good it world well. But it is not advised to use this while driving any vehicle.

Disadvantages Of Using Starlink Internet Service

Starlink is good in many different easy. But there are some drawbacks to this too if you are trying to connect to the internet from under a tall building or a then bridge there is no chance that it will work.

It needs to be set in the open sky area. In bad weather conditions, you can be sure of this but it will not work when it starts to rain. 

If you are using these in areas of no electricity then you have to invest some money in the inverter. For some people, it can be costly. Also, you need some knowledge to set this. You have to go buy the manual to set this because all inverters have different working conditions.

Is Starlink good?

Talking about the overall perspective of Starlink. It is a good thing to invest in. If you travel very frequently and have to go to remote areas for long days then this is for you. You can go for it.

If you live in such areas then it will work well for you as well. It has changed the lives of many people by giving them the internet in non-reachable areas. 


In conclusion, here is how to make Starlink work on 12 volt. The process is simple and all you need is some equipment to do this process. You can find some other easy as well.

But this is the most secure and trusted way to do this. Especially if you are going to remote areas. This will serve as a complete manual for you to set up your Starlink in remote areas with zero internet connectivity.

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